MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC has just released two more updates for their growing library. MPM 37 - Weekend Update contains ten news themes and 75 cuts. MPM 38 - Bumper To Bumper has 99 short cuts for bumpers, stingers, tags, etc. in hip-hop, pop, rock, corporate, and sports themes. (800) 227-1954.

Digiffects is now available through PROMUSIC, INC.. The 3,500 cut, 40 CD sound effects library is totally digitally recorded, updated regularly, and is available with optional computer librarian software for the PC and Mac. You may buy individual disks or the entire set. Promusic has also added 26 more CDs in a variety of styles to their music collection bringing the total to over five hundred CDs of music. (305) 776-2070.

If you're releasing a new update to an existing library, coming out with a new library, or doing anything you feel might be of interest our readers, fax your press release to us at (214) 259-1912, or mail it to Radio And Production at P.O. Box 170265, Irving, TX 75017-0265.


SYMETRIX introduces the new 425 Dual Compressor/Limiter/Expander. The two channels may be operated in dual-mono mode, or in stereo mode. Front panel controls include separate threshold controls for the expander, compressor and limiter; separate release controls for the expander and compressor; and a compressor ratio control. Judging from the success of the 528 Voice Processor, the 425 might be worth a look if you're in the market for some dynamics processing. (206) 282-2555.

A/Z ASSOCI-ATES introduces to the U.S. the AUGAN INSTRU-MENTS Model 408 OMX Optical Multi-track Recorder/Editor. The competitively priced, 64-track, optical disk based system is available in two basic configurations of two inputs/four outputs, or four inputs/eight outputs. (617) 444-0191.

ENSONIQ has introduced new 32-note polyphonic versions of their SQ series keyboards. The SQ-1 Plus 32 Voice, and SQ-2 32 Voice keyboards, as well as the SQ-R Plus 32 Voice synth module all feature eleven more voices and an extra meg of 43 new waveforms. Along with the waves are an additional 80 programs in RAM bringing that total to 180. (215) 647-3930.

YAMAHA has a new effects processor in the EMP700. This "true stereo" processor features twenty-eight effects algorithms and fifty user memory locations. Also, be on the lookout for a digital equalizer from Yamaha. The DEQ5 functions as a graphic EQ or a parametric EQ and contains forty user memory locations. An LCD screen displays EQ curves. (714) 522-9011.

OTARI announces the next generation of their popular MX-5050 BII and Mark III reel-to-reels. This new generation includes the MX-5050 BIII quarter-inch 2-track, the BQ-III quarter-inch 4-track, and the Mark IV Series, available in 2, 4, and 8-track configurations. The 4 and 8-track versions feature new "gapless and seamless punch in/out recording." Other improvements include better high frequency response, better signal-to-noise ratio, and improved remote control capabilities to mention a few. (415) 341-5900.


Congrats to Rick Tarrant of Communion Communications/20 The Countdown Magazine on his recent 1st Place Addy Award for a PSA entitled "Pray for Peace." Rick also managed to get his 2-minute rap song, "Vote 'em Out!" on the Rush Limbaugh show recently. The tune was inspired by the bouncing check scandal that's been in the news lately. Hear both cuts and lots more on this month's CASSETTE!