by John Dodge

Welcome, Rappers, to a brand new column we call, for soon to be obvious reasons, "Steal This Script!" In our never-ending quest for better reader service, we thought you might dig a freebie every month along with a bit of background on the writing of the spot or promo so you can see its development. Feel free to take this script and run with it as is, changing names only to protect the innocent, or use it as a springboard for your own new idea. Ready, set, go.

The Meeting:

Salesperson comes up and says, "Have I told you lately that I love you?" You respond knowingly, "What do you need and when do you need it?" Salesperson describes a new client -- a diaper service, let's say -- who wants a spot with all the benefits of cotton diapers. He wants the word "natural" in there about nineteen times, plus something about the convenience of home delivery, an environmental pitch, and a lot of dada-googoo in the background. You say okay, and your brain starts to gurgle and whir as it searches for the all-important "angle."

The Results:

For all you Moms and Dads who buy disposable diapers because you think they're convenient, Dydee Door-To-Door Diaper Service suggests this easy comparison test at home. First, put on your favorite cotton shirt, the one that's been washed and washed till it's smoooth and soft. Hmm, now that's real comfort. Next, take off that comfy shirt and wrap yourself up in paper towels. Then put on a plastic trash bag and cinch the whole thing up real tight! Ugh, nothing comfortable about that at all. I'll bet the little person in your life feels the same way about paper and plastic disposable diapers. So why not try all natural, breathable cotton diapers from Dydee Door-To-Door Diaper Service. 100% cotton is smooth and soft against baby's skin...cooler, too, so baby gets fewer rashes. Dydee diapers are less expensive, environ-mentally smart, and they're delivered right to your door. For real comfort, economy and convenience, call 1-800-DADAGOO to order regular home delivery from Dydee, the all-natural cotton diapers babies ask for by name. (baby coos "di-dee")

The Strategy:

Folks buy disposable because they think they're easy, while cotton diapers are inconvenient, messy or expensive. But all parents will tell you what's most important is junior's well-being. So this ad opens with humor to reposition the objections. (Subtext: "you didn't really mean to make the baby so uncomfortable, did you? Thought not." By the way, avoid using overt guilt as a motivator -- it can backfire on you). First establish the fact that these cotton jobs are more comfy, and you have a parent's attention. And once you have any listener's attention, he or she is more inclined to listen to your list of bennies.

The (W)RAP Up:

This could have been handled a zillion different ways, but in review we got a majority of the client's laundry list in there. We used humor to get attention in the beginning, an easy-to-remember phone number for our call to action, and a cute close which we steal from Meow Mix. Mission accomplished! Next project? Next month.