DENON AMERICA introduced its DN-2000F Dual Transport CD Player at the recent NAMM show in Anaheim. The unit is Denon's second-generation dual transport CD player and is designed primarily for club jocks, but has many advantages in production and for anyone doing "club mixes" for airplay. Features include Instant Start, Slider-type Pitch Controls, a Pitch Bend Mode, and Instant Start. Cue and Search buttons can be used to "sample" portions of a song which can be played back using the PLAY button. (201) 575-7810.

MICRO TECHNOLOGY UNLIMITED is offering MicroSound, a 38 "virtual" track, hard-disk recording system for the PC/AT computer. Workstations are available from under $8,000 or under $4,000 if you already have an AT computer. For info call (919) 870-0344.

SYMETRIX announces the shipment of over six thousand of their 528 Voice Processors, making the unit, according to National Sales Manager John Bosaw, "the largest selling standalone microphone preamp/processor in the world." [See our Test Drive, July '90 RAP.] (800) 288-8855.

FOSTEX had a lot to show at the NAMM convention. Their 2412 recording console is a 24 x 12 x 2 design with a list price under $8,000. Also new from Fostex is the X-18 MultiTracker, a portable 4-input, 4-track cassette recorder priced at $399. Fostex has also announced new software which enables transport control of several of their recorders via computer. (310) 921-1112.

Akai S1000 and S1100 sampler users might want to check out sEDIT. The software program, created by Interval Music Systems, is a program and keygroup editor which allows you to display and edit all of the sampler's programs on a Macintosh computer screen. Another program, sBASE, lets you keep track of all Volumes, Programs, and Samples in your entire library -- for use with S900/S950 samplers as well as the S1000 and S1100. (817) 336-5114, ext. 152.

HENRY ENGINEERING has a new box called DigiStor. The digital recorder is designed for recording up to four minutes of audio for playback on a phone system. Perfect for "on hold" audio or for recording spots for clients to hear at their convenience. See ad on back page. (818) 355-3656.


Long time subscribers may remember an interview we did with Dayle Honda-Stice back in the summer of 1990. Dayle had just left KZST in Santa Rosa to open an ad agency, Mind Over Media. Since then, the agency has enjoyed tremendous success, with emphasis on working with car dealerships. Her success in this area was so great that she began doing seminars around the country helping radio stations to get car dealerships on the air. After enough radio people told her she should write a book about selling car dealerships, she did it. Sell To Car Dealers, Sell To Anybody is Dayle's new book which is now available and includes a cassette tape/sales presentation tool called, Dealership Positioning & Campaign Development. Both the book and the cassette are a "must have" for any radio station sales/creative team, and the emphasis she puts on production and writing reflects the importance of creative production we are all aware of. Congrats to Dayle on her continued success, and we urge you to do your sales team and station a favor and get the book and cassette. For more information, contact Dayle at (707) 584-7030.

Congrats also to R.A.P. member Camille Conte of KBFX-FM in Anchorage, AK. The station's Assistant Program Director/producer recently received the 1991 Marconi Award for Air Personality of the Year, Medium Markets!


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