There's a new source for sound effects -- THE PRODUCERS SOUND EFFECTS LIBRARY. Based in Hollywood, the PSEL offers several categories of sounds available on a buy-out basis. Some of the CDs include Crowds, Rain & Thunder, Trains, Water, Doors, Applause, and Traffic. Most CDs are priced at $80 and $90 each. A sampler CD, 101 Useable Sound Effects is also available for $60. (818) 707-EFXS.

The MUSIC BAKERY announces a new addition to their growing music library. The new CD brings the total to nine in this one-time buy-out, $48 per CD library. The library is updated monthly. (800) 229-0313.

Series 6000 The General, the newest sound effects library from SOUND IDEAS is now available. Over six thousand digitally recorded sounds on forty CDs. (800) 387-3030.

Cartoon Trax is slated to be available this summer. The five CD library, the latest from HOLLYWOOD EDGE, is a collection of cartoon sound effects and music priced at under $500. Some of the sounds are reported to have been digitally restored from original Hollywood animation studio masters over forty years old! (213) 466-6723.


PACIFIC RECORDERS & ENGINEERING unveiled their new ADX Radio Production System at the recent NAB show in Vegas. The system consists of the ADX WorkStation and the ADX MixStation. The WorkStation is a stand-alone 8-track digital workstation with eight channels of analog I/O as well as digital I/O. The basic unit comes with four hours of track time and is expandable to more than 24 track hours. The WorkStation is also upgradeable to 16 and 32 tracks. The MixStation interfaces the WorkStation with the PR&E Productionmixer or ABX consoles. Price for the basic WorkStation is just under $32,000. The MixStation for the Productionmixer console is just under $19,000. (619) 438-3911.

HARRIS ALLIED is expecting to have available this month the new Marantz CDR600 Compact Disc Recorder. The standalone system can read and write a temporary Table of Contents, so it's not necessary to record the entire 70-plus minutes of a CD all at once. Blank disks will sell for about $30 each. Fully compatible with other CD decks, the unit features XLR analog ins and outs and SPDIF and optical digital I/O. Marantz also has a new DAT recorder. The PMD700 weighs less than three pounds and features balanced mike inputs and digital I/O. (317) 962-8596.

Need to pump up your H3000? Crescent Engineering has the Mod Factory software upgrade waiting for you. Two new algorithms and 100 new preset effects patches. Sampling boards, memory upgrades, and operating system upgrades also available. (201) 746-9417.


Rich Van Slyke exits WCMF-FM in Rochester to take on duties of Production Director at WKLS, 96-Rock in Atlanta.

Frank Scales is out at KBTS-FM and crosses the street as Production Director for Austin's KLBJ-AM/FM.

Congrats to Ed Brown/KSHE-FM, St. Louis on his Marconi Award for Best Overall Talent in St. Louis!

Remember Laszlo & Gary? The parody duo has split, but Scary Gary remains with more parodies free for the asking. (818) 888-0652.

Marice Tobias, Voiceover Coach of the Pros, stops in Dallas early this month. Call for info and upcoming cities and dates. (817) 429-4170.

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