RIVER CITY SOUND PRODUCTIONS announces the release of Volume 2 in their buy-out production music library. This second CD can be purchased separately or together with Volume 1. Each CD contains several categories of music including Sports, Mellow, Broadcast, Country, Rock, New Age, Urban, and more. (800) 755-8729.

SOUND IDEAS announces The General Series 6000. This rather large digital sound effects library is slated to be available in April of this year. It will contain over six thousand sound effects on forty compact discs. It will also include a collections of sounds created by four award winning sound designers. In Canada call (416) 886-5000. In the U.S. call (800) 387-3030 for more info.


INTERNATIONAL TAPETRONICS CORPORATION has initiated production of its newest product, the Series 2 Audio Tape Cartridge Machine. The Series 2, available as stereo or mono playback and record/playback units, offers features such as Dolby HX Pro headroom extension, a digital tape timer, active balanced ins and outs with XLR connections, and more. The unit is available now. (800) 447-0414.

AKAI S1000 sampler users might want to upgrade to the new Version 2.21 system software, but only if you're using SyQuest or SCSI disks. Nothing else was changed. (817) 336-5114.

OTARI has a couple of new DAT machines in the DTR-90 and the DTR-7. The first is a 4-head machine designed for use with another DTR-90 for timecode editing capabilities. The latter is a more basic unit priced at $1,895. (415) 341-5900.

AMPEX appears to have a counterpart to 3M's top of the line 996 tape. The Ampex 499 Grand Master Gold mastering tape is now available in all your favorite sizes and your favorite dealer! (415) 367-3888.

You might recall a recent Test Drive of the Sony PCM-2700 DAT machine (December 1991 RAP). The unit is a 4-head machine priced at just under $3,000. For about half that price ($1,590), blow off the 4-head design and get virtually all of the other features, including multiple sampling frequencies and "Long Play" mode, in Sony's new PCM-2300 DAT Recorder. (800) 635-SONY.


One of the best production workshops we've heard of can be found at the upcoming Country Radio Seminar, March 4-7 in Nashville, TN. Greg Cole, CRS Agenda Committee member, informs us that Dave Foxx of Z100 in New York, Steve Kelly of Bill Young Productions, and Jeff Ryan of WQYK in Tampa are three panelists that will be present. A fourth is to be announced later. The workshop is slated for Tuesday, March 5th, and cassette tapes of the entire workshop will be available later that week. For more info, call (615) 327-4487, or contact Greg Cole at WPOC-FM in Baltimore, (301) 366-3693.

Greetings to all receiving this complimentary issue at Dan O'Day's Air Talent '92 workshop in Los Angeles this month! Remember, the only thing better than a great air talent, is a great air talent with great production skills! Anyone wishing to distribute "stuff" at the workshop is encouraged to call Dan at (310) 479-1767.

Congrats to Don Lawler, President of Airborne Radio in Memphis, who is now the new Production Director at KPYR-FM, Oldies 98FM in Memphis. Don will continue running Airborne Radio.

Congrats also to Cheat Sheet columnist Flip Michaels on his promotion from Production Director to Creative Services Director at WCTO/WGSM, Long Island, NY!

And one more attaboy goes to Daryl Missen who exits Fox FM in Melbourne and is the new Production Manager at 2Day FM in Sydney, Australia!