by John Dodge

Welcome to the holidays! And the secret word of the season is MORE! -- more promos, more spots, more copy, more specs! Extremes rule the roost outside the station, too -- more food, more alcohol, more parties, more bills, more family, more stress, more of everything but daylight and life's one true currency, time.

What summer is to a tourist town, fourth quarter is to r radio -- the season to bust buns and squirrel away buckos for the lean winter months ahead. You'll have plenty of time in January to get past page three of your digital gizmo manual, but right now things are crazed and you need a good idea fast. So here goes. First, brainstorm with one of your sales staff to decide which gas station in your market will buy into this holiday gas-giveaway promotion. Try to go for an independent chain rather than a single location so you can get a bigger response. Some PDs don't like to do call letter mentions in ads, but with a good spot and any listenership at all, they work. Plus, it's a great traffic builder for your advertiser.

Holiday Gas Giveaway

(Music open: get four people to hum a nicely out of tune, amateur-on-purpose Deck the Halls. Announcer has that low-key, folksy, Motel 6 kind of delivery -- male or female, doesn't matter. Just don't hype this one at all. Do it "first person/we" if your policy allows.)

It's the holidays, and just like you, the folks at Client's are scratching their heads trying to figure out what to give the man or woman who has everything. We (they) thought you'd appreciate more time, but we can't figure out how to make the stuff. We went through the usual stuff -- refrigerator magnets, key rings, and those little dogs that bounce their heads around in your back window. Then one of our bright thinkers said, "Let's give 'em gas." Figuring you're already getting yours from too many holiday parties, we ignored that one until he got specific: Gasoline. That's what we do best at Client's, right behind service with a smile. So here's the deal. From now till New Year's Eve, pull into Client's and mention (station calls or nickname) and we'll give you a gallon of gas free with any fill up of 8 gallons or more. Now that might not be as sexy as red pajamas or as exciting as Nintendo, but it sure beats the heck out of argyle socks. And, it's our way of saying we appreciate your business. Happy holidays, and don't forget your free gas from Client's.

Good luck with this one. Modify it anyway you need to and get it on the street quick! It's been a good year...see you in January.