There's lots of fun stuff on this month's Cassette, including the following from Joel Moss/WEBN, Cincinnati, OH:

Nationwise Auto Parts is a regional advertiser in the midwest. (I don't think they're national.) The current campaign features a terrific voice-over talent doing a remarkable thirty second read in run-on fashion with no edits! We thought the spot was a natural to parody for a promo for the 1992 fireworks tee-shirt. After some research, we discovered the talent was Harvey Atkins, an actor and voice-over artist from Toronto. We got in touch with Harvey, faxed him the script (based on the Nationwise style), and set up a phone-patch with a studio in Toronto. Jay Gilbert (from 'EBN) did the jingle parody, and we ended up with a wonderful little promo for a nominal amount of money. Considering the Nationwise spots were running concurrently, it added that surprise element: the listener is drawn into the promo before realizing it's not Nationwise. I've included copies of the original spot and our promo. By the way, Harvey Atkins may be reached at (416) 764-3632. It's worth the call just to get one of his business cards.

From Al Peterson/WLAD, Danbury, CT:

[For The Cassette], another dopey song parody. Danbury, CT is being overrun by Canadian Geese that like it here and stay year 'round. To the dismay of residents, these birds use everything as a latrine. Pleasant, it ain't. But bait for a betcha.

Rockin' Sidney's "My Toot Toot" is the victim here for "Don't Step In The GoosePoop." Done entirely on the Roland Sound Canvas with a quack effect triggered via MIDI sampled into an ART Alpha 2.0, it actually came out pretty funny if you overlook the lame harmonies we attempted.

Sequencing and vocals by Al Peterson. Backup vocals and lyrics by Ren Vidbel. Quack and splat effects c/o Hollywood Edge.

Look for a "Rolling Relief" promo on this month's Cassette from Scott Statham of WLAP/WMXL, Lexington, KY. The promotion was created to assist the victims of Hurricane Andrew, and the station's efforts inspired this letter from the President of the Lexington Jaycees to the Federal Communications Commission:

...I am writing to applaud the efforts of WMXL-FM in Lexington, KY. What started as a simple idea from a 12 year old girl exploded into an entire citywide project to aid Hurricane Andrew victims in South Florida. Operation Rolling Relief was a tremendous success and largely due to the planning, coordinating, organizing and promotion by WMXL-Mix 94.5 FM.

The effort, which brought together hundreds of volunteers and resources, produced a caravan of 17 fully loaded tractor trailer trucks of clothing, non-perishable items, charcoal, bottled water, chainsaws, and other essentials sorely needed by the estimated 250,000 homeless citizens of the Homestead, FL area.

The role that Mix 94.5 played has been significant. The station engaged its entire staff in making this project successful. In addition to broadcasting live at one of five Operation Rolling Relief drop-off points for 18 continuous hours, the station coordinated other sponsors, media coverage, and volunteer support, while members of the Mix 94.5 staff "rolled up their sleeves" to pack the estimated 500,000 lbs. of relief items collected.

There are radio stations that play music and there are radio stations that actively engage themselves in the heart of their community. WMXL-Mix 94.5 FM is one radio station that does both. I commend them for their strong sense of community spirit and the hundreds of man-hours and resources committed to this project.

You have a real winner of a radio station in Mix 94.5 in Lexington!


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