TECHSONICS is about to release Rock Flash, a new production library featuring rock beds in sixty and thirty second lengths, plus ID stagers and work parts. The package is being sold on a market exclusive basis and targets the AOR/Classic Rock formats. And slated for release in September, a new CHR production library as well as a new Urban production library. (804) 547-4000.

NETWORK MUSIC announces the availability of updated catalogues for both their music library and sound effects library. The catalogues, also available as standalone IBM and Mac computer programs, cover volumes 1 through 50 of the sound effects library and volumes 1 through 105 of the music library. (800) 854-2075.

MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC adds two more updates to their library. MPM 39 - Country, Bluegrass & The Blues features 15 themes/55 cuts. MPM 40 - Nostalgic Rock provides 10 themes/50 cuts of 50's, 60's, and 70's styled rock. (800) 227-1954.


AKG ACOUSTICS, INC. has announced the upgrading of all DSE 7000's in the field to Version 2.0 Operating Software. The self installing free upgrade features faster and easier operation, greater production capacity along with a selectable "new user" help mode which automatically gives new operators advice while they're working. Master length and number of edits per production are now "virtually unlimited," at more than sixteen hours from start to finish with edit capacity of more than 15,000 edits per project. Productions now load from disk as quickly as 1/4 of their audio time. Other features include faster screen updates and faster access to library sounds. New "shift key" functions have been added, and the faders have been programmed to match Penny and Giles M3000 console controls. Also from AKG Acoustics, the ORBAN Optimod-Studio 460. The multi-purpose gain control system provides two channels of slow and fast AGC, high frequency limiting/de-essing and peak control. And the dbx division of AKG announces price reductions on the 900 Series modular signal processors. For example, the 903 compressor is dropping from $499 to $295. (510) 351-3500.

E-MU SYSTEMS announces the integration of G1.5 SoundEngine technology into all members of the Proteus family of sound modules allowing price reductions on these products of twenty to thirty-four percent. Also from E-mu, the Emulator IIIxp Digital Sample Playback System which allows the user access to sampled sounds stored on mass storage devices. The EIIIxp offers compatibility with the entire 16-gigabyte Emulator III library of sounds. (408) 438-1921.

New from JBL, the 4200 Series Studio Monitors. The new "console top" near field monitors run $395 per pair for the 4206's, and $525 per pair for the larger 4208's. (818) 893-8411.

ENSONIQ unveils yet another keyboard. The KS-32 Weighted Action MIDI Studio is a 76-key weighted action synthesizer. The KS-32 features 32-note polyphony, up to three oscillators per sound, three megs of mostly 16-bit wave memory, 168 waveforms, 180 onboard sounds, 20 drum kits, a 24-bit effects processor with 13 different effects algorithms, access of up to 340 sounds with external RAM or ROM cards, 16-track sequencer, and more all for $2,195. (215) 647-3930.


Congrats to R.A.P. member Jim Cutler/Jim Cutler Voice Overs for taking the GOLD medal for Best Contest Promo at the New York Festivals. This marks Jim's fourth medal from the Festivals over the years!


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