VALENTINO, INC. is offering a free Voices of History disk with the purchase of their CD sound effects library. The bonus CD contains 33 tracks of famous speeches from John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Neil Armstrong and others. Also from Valentino is Beds and Bits, a two CD buyout library of 198 beds for spots, contests, bits, etc.. See insert in this issue or call (800) 223-6278.

THE PRODUCTION GARDEN is now offering a Super Buy-Out plan for their popular CD library. The plan is designed to let you use CDs that you don't have to keep while keeping those you like. The plan looks good and the price looks right. (800) 247-5317.


A Studer Dyaxis User Group is now available on the Performing Arts Network, a computer network for the professional music industry. Dyaxis users will be able to share ideas, ask questions and participate in on-line conferencing. Studer is also slated to show a number of new digital products at NAB this month including the Numisys Digital Audio Cart Replacement System, the 990 digitally controlled console, their new D780 R-DAT machine, and a new line of Dyaxis systems including the Dyaxis Lite, Dyaxis I, and Dyaxis II. The Dyaxis Lite emphasizes low cost and ease of use in broadcast with the new "tape transport type" controller. The 2-channel Dyaxis I is designed for integration with Studer's CD Recorder and new DAT machine. The Dyaxis II is the expandable, multi-track system. (615) 254-5651.

SYMETRIX has announced the addition of two new members to its engineering staff who will coordinate a new digital division of the company. New digital products are slated to come to market this year. (800) 288-8855.

AKAI announces the release of the new Version 2.0 software for the DD1000 Magneto Optical Disk recorder. The upgrade adds Timestretch and DAT archiving. (817) 336-5114.

PANASONIC has lots of new toys to show at NAB, but some of the more interesting ones probably wouldn't do much good in your studio, like their new KXF5000 plain-paper fax machine that doubles as a copy machine and triples as an answering machine! Maybe you'd prefer their new KXT9000 cordless telephone, the first that operates at 900MHz for unsurpassed quality and signal range. No? Then you must want their EBH60 5/8th's-inch thick portable cellular phone. (201) 348-7182.

FOSTEX may well have the DAT machine us production types have been waiting for. The D-20 Digital Master Recorder offers three major advantages for radio production you don't see on other DAT machines: program numbering up to 799, punch-in/out recording, and a pitch control. And these are just a few of the features! Look for a R.A.P. Test Drive soon! (818) 547-1952.


Congrats to Hobie Stevens/Production Director and staff at WRBT-FM/Evansville, IN, on their recent Addy Awards. The station was the only station to win in the tri-state area out of four stations that entered. Awards were received for a promo in the Local Campaign category and a parody in the Self Promotion category. Look for them on a future Cassette!

Beginners in the biz might get some useful information out of The Basic Radio Skills Series video tapes from First Light Video Publishing. The tapes were produced by the Australian Film, Television & Radio School and provide a look at the technical and creative aspects of the radio environment. Tape titles include The Radio Studio, Announcing and Presentation, Editing, The Radio Interview, Radio Talkback, Radio News, and Radio Writing. Prices for each tape are $59.95 or you can get all seven for $349. (800) 777-1576.