Welcome, once again, to the Forum. The RAP Forum is a place to express your creative thoughts to an audience of your peers. This month, Howard Joseph, Production Director at WKTY-AM/WSPL-FM in La Crosse, WI submits a piece he presents as the "maniacal ravings of a madman" following a typical day as head of his department. 

from Howard L. Joseph, Production Director, WKTY-AM & WSPL-FM, La Crosse, WI

Radio And Production. A magazine that actually caters to the lowest form of life in the broadcast industry. The Production Director.

The Production Director is a bizarre animal indeed. One who not only bears the responsibility for making sure all spots air correctly, but one who is responsible for writing them as well. Yes, this enigma has one of the unusual personality facets in human nature. The Production Director would have to be a person of unparalleled chutzpah to put oneself in charge of writing, production, and airing of Capitalism's greatest triumph: the commercial.

In fact, one would have to assume that the Production Director must have been dropped on his or her hi-fi as a child. After all, the two most dangerous warring factions in the world can be found at any radio station in the country. Yes, the Sales and Programming Departments have hated each other since Marconi invented the thing (radio, not hate). Who, besides a Production Director or Javier-Perez De Ceullar, would be willing to negotiate treaties between the two?

And then there are deadlines. Keith Eubanks, in a recent interview in R.A.P., said that he has set up a deadline of 4:30 p.m. for incoming production. Ah, what a race of dreamers we are. I set a deadline once. And it was followed, once, by each Account Executive, once. And then it was long forgotten by each Account Executive, once, permanently.

Alas, are we truly a race of lowly broadcasters? Are we truly the creative slaves our resumes say we are? Or are we geniuses? Do we know something that management doesn't? PD's and GM's take heed! For we are Production Directors. More to be pitied than feared? I think not! Indeed, we should be held in the highest regard in this industry. At least that's what my mother told me.

By the way, does anyone besides me think R.A.P. is the greatest thing since the audio compressor? Sign me up for another year people! I need the therapy!


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