It's official! The latest from TECHSONICS is now available. Primo Promos is Techsonic's fourth library and comes as a four CD set. The contemporary music beds are designed specifically for promo work and feature the B.A.S.E. "3-D" processing. A "Comedy Cuts" CD and a "Power Parts" CD are included. Market exclusive. See ad on page 3 for more info. (804) 547-4000.

The MUSIC BAKERY has announced its seventh release. The $48 buyout CD contains a variety of musical styles and is part of the Music Bakery's monthly music service. (800) 229-0313.

We're pleased to announce that another fellow Production Director and RAP subscriber has ventured into the production library biz. Matt Ray, Production Director at Power 95/WAPE-FM in Jacksonville and Executive Producer at SONIC WORKS AUDIO PRODUCTION GROUP announces the release of Dynamism One. The library contains over 200 cuts of contemporary music ranging from industrial to thematic. (904) 268-5733.

MUSIKOS is offering discounts on their current inventory of production music. Large selection, versatile lease and buyout plans available. (800) 627-1012.

BROWN BAG PRODUCTIONS recently signed all four major U.S. television networks to use their six production libraries. BBC-TV in the UK has also been added. In the same vein, Brown Bag is now, for the first time, offering their libraries to local television stations for on-air use. (303) 759-8213.

AUDIO ACTION's summer releases include 22 more CD's to add to their collection of music and announces the release of a new sound effects library, File Effects. (800) 533-1293.

AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION LIBRARIES adds three more CD's to their collection. CD's #41, 42, and 43 are titled "Action, Take 2," "Great Explorations II," and "Great Explorations III." (800) 343-2514.

AKAI announces the availability of the Prosonus Sound Library Volume 1 on CD-ROM for the S1000 and S1100 samplers. The massive CD-ROM collection represents all the sounds previously offered on floppy disk. Also available is Prosamples Volume 1, a collection of drum samples for the S1000 and S1100, also on CD-ROM containing a total of 259 sounds. (817) 336-5114.


VALLEY INTERNATIONAL announces the release of their new multi-function audio signal processor, the Dynamite2. The 2-channel unit offers a compressor, expander, gate, and peak limiter, and employs Linear Integration Detection in the compressor section for better response to vocals. (615) 370-5901.

DIGITECH announces the availability of The Vocalist. Designed for the human voice, the harmony processor offers 5-part diatonic harmonies, a "vocoder" mode, 128 presets and 128 user slots, plus several other features specifically designed for musicians. (801) 268-8400.

YAMAHA is in the CD recorder market with their YPDR601. The stand-alone unit will record disks from analog or digital sources that can be played on any standard CD player. (714) 522-9011.

ROLAND announces the RSP-550 Stereo Signal Processor. You pay for TRUE stereo processing ($1,295) and get reverbs, delays, pitch shifting, flanging, EQ, vocoding, and more. There are 39 effects algorithms. The unit provides up to five simultaneous effects. (213) 685-5141.

The long awaited Pro Tools Multitrack Digital Audio Production System from DIGIDESIGN is now available. The system offers from four to sixteen channels of digital audio recording and playback with full editing capabilities and digital signal processing. The 4-channel systems are available this month. 8 and 16-channel systems will begin shipping later this year. In conjunction with the Pro Tools package, DigiDesign is also offering a trade-in rebate of up to $2,000 for owners of several other digital recording systems. (415) 688-0623.

E-MU SYSTEMS introduces the Proteus Master Performance System Keyboard featuring 16-bit sounds from the Emulator III library plus on-board effects. 5-octave keyboard, 32-voice polyphony. (415) 349-8400.


Welcome Scot Combs to the ranks of production people with their own businesses. Scot is the Creative Director at KSTP-AM in St. Paul/Minneapolis and reports that his new company, SOUNDBANK CREATIVE SERVICES is off the ground and doing well. Happy income tax time, Scot!

Long time R.A.P. subscriber Sandy Thomas adds a new twist to Sandy Thomas Productions, his sweeper/ID company. Prospective clients can now call (407) 697-5487 and hear various voice demos from Sandy utilizing the familiar voice-mail menu system -- 1 for the CHR/Urban demo, 2 for the "Rock" demo, etc.. You can also leave a message at this number which activates a pager! Hope you're getting some sleep, Sandy!

Larry Williams (Y98-FM, St. Louis) has a booklet of interest to anyone looking for a gig or for a better one. How To Get The Ultimate Job In Radio is targeted to people who have been in the biz between one and five years and is packed with a lot of career advancement methods and information. (314) 531-9898.

Steve Hunt, Group Production Director for the Austereo chain of stations in Australia, has put together THE A-TEAM, a collection of the best voices Australia has to offer. For a demo of the A-Team, contact Mike Lee at Brown Bag Productions. (303) 759-8212. Also, we have a sample of the demo on this month's Cassette.