THE PRODUCTION GARDEN is offering four separate "CD Six Packs" at an $849 buy-out. Select from one of four categories of music, or mix and match to create your own. The Garden also adds two more CD's to their library. Progress and Good Times are Volumes 11 and 12 in the 200 series available as a buy-out at $175 each. An optional lease plan is also now available. See insert in this issue for more information. (800) 247-5317.

The popular Digitizers library from SUPERTRAXX PRODUCTION SERVICES is now being offered as a market exclusive buyout for only $199. See ad on this page for additional information. (806) 352-7503.

Joe Kelly Creative Services is offering 80% savings on all Super Pro libraries including Signatures V & VI, Solarsongs, Sweepers, Laserfresh, and Housetrax. The offer is good for JKCS client stations only, and is good only through October. Look for something new from JKCS soon! (708) 295-8610.


SYMETRIX's new dynamics processor, the 546E Quad Expander/Gate has four channels that can each be setup as a gate or an expander. You get XLR connectors as well as high and low-pass filters. (206) 282-2555.

ZOOM announces the Zoom 9030 Advanced Instrument Effects Processor. Reverb, chorus, pitch shift, and more. Up to seven effects at once. (415) 873-5885.

MICRO TECHNOLOGY UNLIMITED has an affordable, disk-based 2/4-track digital recorder/editor. The PC based system features the ability to mix up to 38 internal tracks. (919) 870-0344.

AKAI has a new Midi Production Center. The MPC60 II has a 99-track MIDI sequencer and drum sampler with eleven outputs. (817) 336-5114.

DIGITECH has a DSP 256XL upgrade chip for DSP 256 owners. Their new RDS8000 Time Machine offers a maximum of eight seconds of delay or sam-pling along with the ability to layer sounds. Also available is the DSP16, an affordable effects box ($299) with reverbs, delays, and EQ. (801) 268-8400.


Joe Kelly recently completed Studio B at Kelly/Silver Digital Recording of Grayslake. The voice booth bypasses the console for the cleanest tracks possible. What does Joe use in the mike chain? The audio moves from a Neuman U-89 mike to a Harvey mike pre-amp to a Neve Limiter/Compressor to a Sony DAT deck. This signal is applied to channel 2 of the DAT. Channel 1 is delivered with additional processing from a Lexicon PCM70 effects box and a Sony parametric equalizer. Congrats to Joe and crew on their first birthday under the Kelly/Silver corporate banner!


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