by Renaud Timson

I'm sitting in my office. The clock is ticking. My printer is silent. My scripts-to-write basket is empty, but waiting to be filled at any minute because I'm really busy and not slacking off if that's what you're thinking in case any boss-type units happen to read this article.

Anyway...I'm sitting in my chair, minding my own business, not hurting anyone when all of a sudden -- WHAM -- an idea for a script. A great, wonderful idea. But wait! I have no client to write for... just yet. So whada I do? Write it anyway!

It happens! Once in a while, this great idea hits us and we don't know what to do with it. We store it in the brain basement so we can use it later. Well, over time we forget where exactly we put the idea amidst the kreative klutter in the brain basement. So, rather than let a good idea languish in a creative trunk next to the memory sump pump, use it now! Remember, you haven't gone looking for this idea, it came to visit you on its own, kinda like Cujo only without the slobber.

The ideas turn out to be so complete; all you're missing is a client. When that part of the script comes along, just insert a GENERIC name. That way, the sales weasels, uh reps, have a finished product to bring to the prospective client. They can walk in, full of confidence, and use their best sincere-type voice and say, "Boy, have I got a commercial for you!"

Does it work? Yes. Our pre-packaged specs have a great success rate. Just how great you ask? We've sold three out of the last four we've done. Do we write a lot of them? No. Ideas that are so complete, so finished, so perfect, are indeed rare gems. What a treat it is to bend down and... Hello, a spot!

So what's my point? What's the gist of this written ramble? What's the main thrust? Basically, don't let an idea go to waste just because you don't have a client to use it on. Write it. Produce it. It'll sell. The clients that bought our specs were most impressed with the presentation - a great time-buy proposal to reach their target market, and the perfect spot to get them.

So why did I have to write this whole article just to get one little suggestion across? It seemed like a great idea... at the time!


January 01, 1993 22039
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