KURZWEIL MUSIC SYSTEMS announces the release of their new K2000 Synthesizer with deliveries this month. The 61 note K2000 has 24-voice polyphony with up to four oscillators per voice. You get eight megabytes of onboard ROM including 200 sound programs. Up to sixty-four megabytes of RAM can be added. The synthesizer features Kurzweil's latest technical innovation, Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology or VAST. VAST allows the player to take any multi-sample, noise, or waveform and process it using just about any synthesis technique ever devised. You also get an onboard, true stereo multi-effects processor capable of four simultaneous effects including reverb, chorus, delay, multi-tap delay, flange and more. (213) 471-6170, ext. 34.

Also new in the keyboard department is E-MU SYSTEMS' new Proteus Master Performance System or MPS. The four megabyte ROM bank contains sounds from the Proteus modules. You get 32-voice poly-phony and two onboard multi-effects processors. (408) 438-1921.

Keep an eye out for the ADAT from Alesis. The 8-track digital recorder should be ready for shipping within the next month or two. Using the standard S-VHS tape format, the ADAT touts forty min-utes of 8-track digital recording per tape. This is eight tracks of full bandwidth recording at only $3,995. If eight tracks isn't enough, you will be able to connect up to sixteen ADAT's together with an optional remote control unit priced at under two grand.

Keep you other eye on DIGIDESIGN's Pro Tools -- four to sixteen tracks of hard disk based recording with complete systems starting at $6,000 less the Macintosh computer and hard drive. Between the ADAT and Pro Tools, budget conscious stations have a couple of digital multi-track systems that are well worth a second and third look.


A hearty congrats to good friend and longtime RAP'er Bumper Morgan and wife, Kim on the birth of their second child, Stephanie! Thanks for the pink bubble gum cigars, Bump!

Please welcome Paul Anthony of WWIB-FM and WOGO-AM Eau Claire, WI to the RAP Network!

If you remember, former WKDF, Nashville production guru Glenn Miller left the station some time ago to create the Radio Workshop broadcast school in Bellingham, WA. Glenn proudly announces the first recipient of the "Yippee, I'm Outta Here Award." With a full week to go in the sixteen week Radio Workshop course, Todd Christopher Pike was offered and accepted a shift at KVAS in Astoria, Oregon. Congrats Glenn and Todd!

Hot off the fax machine from Mike Hall of Production Masters in Atlanta -- Question: What's the difference between a lawyer and a rooster? Answer: A rooster clucks defiance.

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