from Greg Scott Fisher, Operations Manager/Production Director, WZZB-FM/Z93.7, Seymour, IN

If you're not singing along with your production library music beds, you might be missing something (besides a visit by the men in white coats).

Certainly, tracking through the beds until that magical melding of concept and content occurs can be a source of inspiration when creating a spot. But, taking it a step further, singing along with those beds can take you into new realms of possibility. I'm not referring to a pre-written lyric sheet; I'm advocating making up words as you try to follow the melody/rhythm of any given track. Maybe it will remind you of a popular song. Perhaps something silly or nonsensical will come to mind. After a few tries, you might find yourself singing some great concept for your spot. Or you may get lots of funny looks. Of course, who hasn't gotten a strange glance from the GM one moment, then petted on the back the next while being presented to clients as the area's "foremost creative genius?!"

Recently, while working on a spot for your average hometown pizzeria, I realized a track sounded a little like the Godfather of Soul's "I Got You." Furthermore, the business was in Brownstown -- no doubt named after the country's most soulful felon. A few J.B. yells later, I created a donut track that, while not necessarily sounding like the song it was inspired by, was definitely an attention getter! Note that the final spot by no means has to be a singing effort. Essentially, you're singing for ideas. If it turns out to be a jingle and your production gods can handle it, gopher it!

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