Al Peterson, Production Director at WLAD-AM/WDAQ-FM in Danbury, CT, has these three patches to add to the list we started last month:


Using Program #23 - PITCH CHANGE C

L PITCH - +5
FINE - +8
L DELAY - 0.1
R PITCH - +2
R FINE - -8
R DELAY - 0.1

Sing a note into the SPX and a "major 6th" chord comes out the other end. Same as the last "Yeah" from the Beatle's song.


Using Program #9 - STEREO FLANGE

MOD FREQ - 0.3
MOD DEPTH - 100%
FB GAIN - 93% to 99%

"Edge of Feedback" flange that sweeps up and down. Set 'er up this way and just say "Doink" into the mike. Fun!

"45 Play 33"

Using Program #21 - PITCH CHANGE A

PITCH - -5
FINE - -35
DELAY - 0.1
FB GAIN - 0%

Play a 33 rpm LP (remember those?) on 45. This program pitch-corrects it to normal while retaining the sped-up tempo. Run Reunion's Life Is A Rock through this patch for a great laugh, and just try to keep up.

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