by Wally Wawro


I recently purchased the HS-322 Internal Sampler Board for the Eventide H3000B/SE Ultra-Harmonizer. This option digitally records 11.8 seconds of stereo or 23.7 seconds of mono audio. Two separate samples can be recorded into memory and played back using front panel buttons, external triggering, or a MIDI keyboard. The Ultra-Harmonizer's front panel "knob" allows you to edit the begin and end points of the two samples in a "rock the reel" style, similar to your ATR. In addition, six octaves of pitch change plus time compression and expansion are available, as is a looping sequence for edited samples.

Recording is triggered once a user set threshold is reached or by initiating it manually. The LCD display hosts a timer to keep track of the seconds and an audio level meter that displays levels when you're in the record or playback mode. To exit record, simply press the "soft key" the LCD display labels as "stop."

Once the sample is recorded, the LCD display returns to the main menu and flashes an "analyzing" message, indicating that the H-3000 is analyzing the sample for purposes of time compression and pitch change should you want to use those modifications.

Playback of the sample recorded into memory is initiated by pressing either "play 1" or "play 2" respectively. In mono, "play 1" material appears on the left output channel, "play 2" on the right. In mono, these can be started simultaneously and mixed together. Only one sample can be played at a time in stereo. For stutter effects, repeated pressing of the "play" keys will re-trigger the effect. To create a loop, hold the playback key down for about a second. Hit the play key again to end the loop.


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