HOLLYWOOD EDGE announces the Edge Edition Sound Effects Library. Recorded primarily on DAT, the CD library contains 800 sound effects for under three hundred dollars. (213) 463-3855.

NETWORK's latest release for their music library is Volume 94 - An Industrial Classic. (800) 854-2075.


DIGITECH has a new multi-effects processor called the GSP 21 Pro. This guitar processor features twenty-three total effects, up to ten at a time. Effects include an exciter, compression, various delays, flange, chorus, a number of reverbs, a comb filter, a noise gate, graphic EQ and more. There are sixty-four factory presets and space for sixty-four user definable presets. (801) 268-8400.

SYMETRIX announces the availability of their DPR44 Recording and Editing Station. The 4-track record/playback unit features cut and paste editing, real time EQ, compression, expansion and a host of other features aimed more at the A/V market. Symetrix also has a nice little compressor/limiter in the SX208. We'll take a closer look at this baby next month. (206) 282-2555.

KORG has released the rackmount version of their Wavestation synthesizer. The Wavestation A/D has some new effects and waveforms not in the original Wavestation. (516) 333-9100.

SHURE introduces the WA400 Amplified Antenna Distribution System for wireless mikes. The system permits the use of only two antennas with up to eight systems. Shure also announces the availability of their new catalog featuring the full line of Shure sound reinforcement, recording, and broadcast products. Call for the free catalog, (800) 25-SHURE.

AKG ACOUSTICS, which markets the AKG, dbx, Orban, BSS, Turbosound, Quested, and Precision Devices lines in the U.S., has restructured their sales and marketing operations. David Roudebush is the new Corporate Marketing Manager. David Angress is promoted to Director of National Sales for dbx, AKG and Quested product lines. Howard Mullinack is the new Director of International Sales handling Orban domestically, and Orban and dbx worldwide. (415) 351-3500.

STUDER REVOX announces a few changes of their own. Their line of Studer professional dealer products is now being sold and marketed on a direct-to-end-user basis by Studer's own direct sales staff, cutting out the dealer and the dealer's markup. The change does not affect the sales distribution of Dyaxis systems and Revox products. (615) 822-5429.


THE R.A.P. SALARY POLL is underway, but we need your help! Last month, we began soliciting salaries from Production Directors around the country. We're asking you to anonymously send us your market rank and salary. When we have enough info, we'll publish a list of salary ranges and salary averages for various market sizes for the position of Production Director. But WE NEED YOUR INPUT! No names. No call letters. Just market rank and salary. Mail it, fax it, or call the info in. Addresses and phone numbers are on the back page!

PORKPIE PRODUCTIONS has a cassette training course called, How To Produce Great Radio Commercials, authored and presented by veteran producer, Brian Battles. Normally advertised for $79 and $99, R.A.P. readers are being offered the $59.95 discount price for the four-cassette package. (203) 666-1541.

We recently had some nice communications with Colin Day of Colin Day Creative in the United Kingdom. Colin's company acts as UK distributor for the popular Production Garden library, but he also has a production facility of his own for producing spots, promos, etc.. What this all means to you is that he is offering his genuine British voice to you for your spots, promos, etc.. Fax him for a demo at 0562-748480.

Prodo wiz Mike Edwards exits WMC in Memphis and is on the loose! See classified ad below.

While the Radio And Production Awards are screaming to a big finish, the 3rd Annual Firsty Awards are getting underway. Deadline for entries for the Firsty Awards is April 23rd. For more information call (214) 934-2222.