Side A opens with a sample of Z100 production from Dave Foxx. Listen for voice work from Mitch Craig, Vic Caroli, Ernie Anderson, and Phil Collins. The Nelson Zoo Jingle features original music. Cut 7 gets the "How Far Can We Push It" award. (Keep the kids out of the studio for this one!) We wrap up side A with some unique sweepers for CIMX-FM in Windsor, Ontario. Producer Matt Weingarden notes that the inspiration for the sweepers comes from "mega-producer" Tattoo at 91X in San Diego.

Side B opens with the "Stream of Consciousness" production Dennis Daniel talks about in this month's Tales of the Tape column. There are several club spots on this side that should provide some ideas for your favorite type of client. There's also a couple of spoofs among all the great production.

Side A: Promos

Cut 1 - Productions samples from Dave Foxx/Z100, New York, NY
Cut 2 - "Back to the Future" from Matt Ray/WAPE-FM, Jacksonville, FL
Cut 3 - "Car Tunes" from David Christian/WENS-FM, Indianapolis, IN
Cut 4 - "Office Music Director" from John Howard & Greg McDonald/CHFI-FM, Toronto, Ontario
Cut 5 - "Paula Abdul" from Dave Dhillon/Q106, Tampa, FL
Cut 6 - "Quick Cash" from Randy Cain & Robert Andrews/KZOU-FM, Little Rock, AR
Cut 7 - "Censored Weekend" from Ray Sherman/97X, Davenport, IA
Cut 8 - "ZZ Top" from Walt Marsicano/WYNF-FM, St. Petersburg, FL
Cut 9 - "Jazz Jam II" frm Rob Schuller/WCDJ-FM, Boston, MA
Cut 10 - "Cutting Edge Image Liners" from Matt Weingarden/CKWW/CIMX, Windsor, Ontario

Side B: Commercials & Stuff

Cut 1 - "Stream of Consciousness" production samples from Dennis Daniel/WDRE-FM, New York, NY
Cut 2 - "Petris" from Keith Eubanks/WAPW-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 3 - "Snake Nation" from Keith Eubanks/WAPW-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 4 - "First City Mortgage Company" from Ray Sherman & Len O'Kelly/97X, Davenport, IA
Cut 5 - "Boomer's Public House" from Len O'Kelly/97X, Davenport, IA
Cut 6 - "St. Nicholas Car Wash" from Matt Ray/WAPE-FM, Jacksonville, FL
Cut 7 - "AC/DC Concert" from Jeff Thomas & Jeff Britten/Triple M, Sydney, Australia
Cut 8 - "Competition Collision" from Michael Day/KAFF-AM/FM, Flagstaff, AZ
Cut 9 - "Peru Vacuum Cleaners" from Rafe Sampson/WCFL-FM, Chicago, IL
Cut 10 - "Male Fraud" from Kevin Cox/WAFX-FM, Norfolk, VA
Cut 11 - "Dodger Tax Plan" from Dan Youngs/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario
Cut 12 - "Thoroughgood Inn Comedy Club" from Greg Williams & Lisa Frith/WAFX-FM, Norfolk, VA


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