THE PRODUCTION GARDEN has another new, affordable "buyout" CD called Images. The CD contains twenty-nine specialty beds. (800) 247-5317.

It's official. The "MIDI Files" from 27th DIMENSION we mentioned in last month's NAB Report are now available. The files are for most of their recent CD's and conform to the new general MIDI standard approved earlier this year. The files are adaptable to any MIDI system and allow customizing of the Dimension Library music at the MIDI level. The files are available in a variety of formats including IBM and MacIntosh, and the files can also be sent via modem from their studios in Orlando. (800) 634-0091.

NETWORK has released two more updates to their ever growing library. Volume 96 - Solos, and Volume 97 - Up-Tempo. (800) 854-2075.


YAMAHA has two new multi-effects boxes. The FX900 features up to eight simultaneous effects with MIDI control of up to four parameters and lists for $995. The less expensive, half-rack EPM-100 offers up to two effects at once and includes delays, pitch shifting, and reverbs. All for a mere $345. (714) 522-9011.

ROCKTRON announces their new Intellifex multi-effects box. The unit boasts a clean 24-bit effects processor with 64 times over-sampling. You get chorusing, delays, reverbs, and pitch shifting. The superb specs come at a price. $1,149. (313) 853-3055.

FIDELIPAC recently unveiled their new Dynamax DCR 1000 digital cart machine. The unit uses standard 2-meg or 4-meg, 3.5" floppy disks as the record/playback medium. There are four sampling rates available which allow for recording times per disk of thirty seconds in stereo to five minutes in mono. An LCD display shows the length of the recording, the title, cart number, sampling rate, and mono/stereo status. The modular design offers a Master Player, a Subplayer, and a Record Module which adds record, copy, and cue tone recording functions as well as dual VU meters. An output port permits printing of disk labels. An optional keyboard allows diskette titling, placement and movement of cue tones, end checking to monitor the outro, and more. (609) 235-3900.

DIGITECH presents the new DSP 256XL multi-effects box. You get twenty-four different effects with up to four simultaneous effects including delays, reverbs, flange, and EQ, all for under $500. (801) 268-8400.

SHURE BROTHERS announces the "world's first portable automatic microphone mixer." The FP410 features four balanced XLR inputs switchable to mike or line level. "Noise Adaptive Threshold" circuitry eliminates background noise. "Max Bus Circuitry" limits the number of activated microphones to one per talker. "Last Microphone Lock-On" keeps the most recently activated microphone open until another mike is activated. This lightweight, portable unit is ideal for recordings in the field. (800) 25-SHURE.


Join us in welcoming a couple more producers to the RAP Network: Mark Andrews of KUDL-FM/WHB-AM in Kansas City, KS. (913) 722-2866; and Craig Jackman of CHEZ 106-FM in Ottawa, Ontario. (613) 562-1061. Welcome aboard, troops!

Larry Williams lands! The former X100 Production Director is happy at his new home, KYKY-FM in St. Louis.

KEITH EUBANKS has been promoted to Creative Director for Power 99 in Atlanta, and he just won an Addy for his voice-over work on a Palmetto Federal Bank spot!

Speaking of Addy's, John Pellegrini's (WKLQ, Grand Rapids) Addy award winners that we placed on the April Cassette went on to take 6th District and will head to the nationals this month!

Joe Kelly's new studios are up and running in Grayslake, IL. KELLY/SILVER DIGITAL RECORDING is powered by the new Sony MXP 3036 automated console. There are 24 digital tracks of Akai "ADAM." Sony 5003's provide the 2-track tools as do a couple of Sony DAT machines. Of course, you know the room is filled with the best of the other toys! Congrats Joe! (708) 295-8610.

Glenn Miller's RADIO WORKSHOP broadcast school is up and running in Bellingham, WA. Glenn says he'd appreciate any air-checks he could get to show the students how it's supposed to be done. Bumper stickers and other promotional items with call letters on them are very welcome. Also, if any production library companies would like to donate some old libraries on vinyl for the production class, they could sure use them in Bellingham! The Radio Workshop, 3001 Alderwood Ave., Bellingham, WA 98225.

Want to exercise your writing skills on something other than some copy for a night club? Consider writing an article for Radio And Production. Use articles in previous issues to get an idea of the wide range of topics available, or get creative on your own. As long as it relates to production and producers, you're on the right track. Radio And Production is YOUR forum. Use it!

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