FIRSTCOM now represents the Sound Ideas Series 2000 sound effects library. The twenty-two CD library features over two thousand stereo sound effects that are digitally recorded and mastered. (800) 858-8880.

HALLAND BROADCAST SERVICES announces The CHR Seventies, a new CD library of CHR and AC hits of the seventies. Over five hundred original hits on thirty CD's. (818) 963-6300.

AUDIO ACTION is the exclusive agent in the United States for twelve production music publishers based in Europe and Australia. Their library of about two hundred CD's contains music in a variety of categories including "Atmospheric/New Age," "Ethnic," "Industry/Science," "Pop/Jazz," "Seasonal," and more. Annual blanket rates are available, and a custom library of as few as ten CD's can be leased for $600 annually. (800) 533-1293.


dbx has a new noise gate. The 363X is a half-rack, dual channel unit that can operate as a stereo gate or as two independent single channel gates. (415) 351-3500.

Get ready for REVOX to enter the consumer home audio component arena. Slated for introduction later this year and early next year are the H2 CD Player, the H6 Tuner, and the H5 Amplifier to mention a few of the upcoming products. Also in the works at Revox are plans to support the new Philips Digital Compact Cassette (DCC) format with products for both consumer and professional applications. (615) 254-5651.

SONY has a new professional, rack-mount DAT machine. The PCM-2700 features the usual DAT functions and a 4-head design. (800) 635-SONY.

DRAWMER announces the availability of their new DL24 two-channel compressor/limiter. (508) 650-9444.

NEVE has one, too. The 33609/C operates as a stereo unit or two independent mono units. (213) 461-6383.

E-MU SYSTEMS announced that Headland Technology, provider of graphics and logic products for desktop and laptop computers, will incorporate E-mu's sampling technology into future products. The announcement marks E-mu's entry into the PC multimedia arena and the company's first venture outside the music industry. (408) 438-1921.


We'd like to congratulate all the winners and finalists of the 3rd Annual Firsty Awards! You'll find the winners listed in the ad on page three. We've listed the 2nd and 3rd place winners on page two; and you can hear all the winning and placing spots and promos on this month's Cassette! Thanks again, Firstcom, for recognizing radio's other PD!

Dan O'Day has scheduled his final Air Personality Plus+ seminar of 1991. It will be in Plymouth, MI August third and fourth. Also, anyone wishing to distribute their radio product (demos, flyers, etc.) at the seminar may now do so for a small fee. For info, call (213) 479-1767.

Congrats to Andy Capp/KELO-AM/FM and wife on the recent birth of their third child, Keegan Benjamin. Only four weeks in the world and Andy already had the kid on DAT tape for a baby store commercial!

Rafe Sampson/WCFL-FM, Chicago was recently promoted to Promotions Director and assumes a midday shift. They're still keeping him busy in the production room though!

Craig Rogers/WHO-AM, Des Moines, IA adds a new Eventide H3000SE to his arsenal. Have fun, Craig! By the way, we'd like to start publishing some H3000 tips since the machine is so popular. If you've altered some of the existing programs for some neat effects, or created some of your own, copy down the parameter settings and send them in!

Congrats to Jim Cutler/JIM CUTLER CREATIVE RADIO, Boston on his GOLD award for Best Program promo and the Grand Award for Best of Show/Promos at the recent New York Festivals!