If you personally opened up this month's RAP, then you already know that FIRSTCOM has a new library. The brochure and CD demo for the Sound Designer fell into your lap. Read the brochure and check out the demo. With over thirty CD's and twelve categories of music and effects, the Sound Designer looks like a very healthy full service library. (800) 858-8880.

DON ELLIOT CREATIVE SERVICES has four new CD supplements to The Legend: Disc #5 is Prize Places; #6 is Zaps, Whistles and Bells; #7 is Promotion of the Month; and #8 is Drums. Two more soon to be released discs are #9, Formatics: News, Weather & Sports; and #10, Children's music. (714) 361-8956.

AIRCRAFT MUSIC LIBRARY has three new updates: Hispanic Music Styles, Action/-Adventure Themes, and Humor & Satire. (800) 343-2514.


HENRY ENGINEERING announces the Twinmatch, a dual-stereo level and impedance converter designed to interface unbalanced equipment outputs with balanced inputs. Ideal for a pair of CD players with unbalanced outs. (818) 355-3656.

STUDER EDITECH releases the MacMix 3.1 software upgrade for the Dyaxis. The three major improvements are a digital equalizer, cut/copy and paste functions, and a "type-in" function for entering numeric values directly into any of the time fields. (615) 254-5651.

LEXICON has a new processor, the LXP-15. It comes equipped with the usual assortment of digital effects (reverbs, pitch shifting, delays, etc.), has 128 presets with memory for 128 user presets, and offers ample control of 27 parameters via MIDI. (617) 891-6790.

Several hard disk multi-track systems were introduced at the recent AES show in LA. Among the ones to look forward to later this year are the DM-80 Digital Multitrack Hard Disk Recorder from ROLAND [(213) 685-5141], and KORG's Digital Audio Production System [(516) 333-9100]. The Roland machine is a stand-alone system that comes as a 4-track unit expandable to 8-track. The Korg machine is 8-track. Also, expect to hear a lot about OTARI's DDR-10. This stand-alone multi-track unit is the result of some teamwork between Otari and Digidesign, a leader in the hard disk recording realm.

TDK has entered the DAT tape market. The new tapes, available in the usual 60, 90, and 120 minute lengths, feature a new mechanical design that TDK says will extend the durability of the dainty tapes. Contact your local TDK dealer for the scoop.

OTARI has a new 2-track analog machine to replace your old, beat up MTR-10. The MTR-15 features automatic alignment of record/playback parameters and touts even better specs than the MTR-10. (415) 341-7200.


FIRST LIGHT VIDEO PUBLISHING is offering a five video tape series called Shaping Your Sound. The five tapes deal with 1) Multi-track Recording; 2) Mixers and Mixing; 3) Microphones; 4) EQ, Compressors, and Gates; and 5) Reverbs and Delays. Tapes may be purchased separately or as a single package with a discount. (800) 777-1576.

Subscriber Don Lawler, president of Sound Ideas in Memphis, has announced a name change for the company. AIRBORNE RADIO is the new company name, and the press releases to this effect were quite creative. The first release was actually folded into a paper airplane (get it?) and stuffed in the envelope. (Ours didn't fly very well.) A follow-up release shared the envelope with a 2-inch plastic toy soldier complete with parachute pack on his back. This parachute pack wasn't part of the toy soldier's mold. It actually was a real parachute folded and bound to the soldier! (This worked much better than the paper plane did, and offered hours of entertainment over the holidays!) Airborne Radio is a full-service radio commercial production house. They're creativity definitely caught our eyes! Have a great '91, Don!

Should we expect Dennis Daniel to do a Tales of the Tape column on fatherhood soon? Congrats to Dennis and wife on their new son, Sean Michael, born the day before Thanksgiving!

You should remember Dayle Honda-Stice (former KZST Creative Services Director) from a few interviews back. Her new ad agency, Mind Over Media, is still kickin' butt. She's been nominated for a North California Broadcaster's Association Jumbo Prawn award for radio creativity, and she's just started HONDA-STICE ADVERTISING/CON-SULTING which will offer consulting to stations in both sales and production. Word also has it she has a booth at the RAB Sales Management Convention this month in Nashville! Is she on a roll or what? She also passes on her appreciation for the many calls she had after the interview. (707) 792-2600.

LASZLO & GARY have twisted two more of your favorite tunes. Maxi Priest's "Close To You" is now "I Just Wanna Stay Home From School," and James Ingram's "I Don't Have the Heart" is now "I Don't Have the Hair!" Call for a copy, (818) 888-0652.

Tom Hanson exits WKQX-FM in Chicago for the PM Drive slot at Chicago's new 100.3 The Point (WPNT-AM/FM). The station is reportedly getting the AKG DSE-7000 soon -- Our bets are that Tom will be looking forward to his production shift more so than his air shift!

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