JOE KELLY CREATIVE SERVICES will be offering discounts on the Super Pro Series I and Super Pro Series II libraries in an upcoming "closeout flyer." Also, look for Joe Kelly's E*FX coming this spring. (708) 295-8610.


There's good news for those of you with AKG DSE-7000's on your wish list. AKG has announced a repricing of the popular units in an effort to achieve a greater market share. New price for the basic package with 4.4 minutes of RAM is now only $28,000. Sixteen meg memory cards are now priced at $2,550 each. (317) 962-8596.

L.A. AIR FORCE has diversified somewhat and now offers MOM. That's short for Music Operations Manager. In keeping with the affordability of L.A. AIR FORCE products, the music scheduling software package is priced at $259. (303) 247-5082.

More AKG ACOUSTICS news in the introduction of the AKG V6HP headphone amplifier. The unit delivers high output levels to up to six stereo headphones, arranged in three pairs. It provides each headphone pair with its own front panel mix selector switch to select among five possible combinations of the two inputs. These combinations include routing either input to one or both ears, and the stereo position of one input to each ear. The front panel has individual level controls for each input plus power and clipping indicators. (415) 351-3500.

dbx introduces the 363X half-rack dual noise gate. The unit incorporates two independent or stereo strappable channels of gating, and each channel features separate Threshold, Hold, and Release Rate controls. $369. (415) 351-3500.

TECHNICS is keeping busy with several products for '91. Their new SL-XP700 portable CD player is perhaps the world's thinnest, coming in barely larger than two stacked jewel cases. Look for two low-priced CD players to hit the market next month. The SL-PG300 and SL-PG100 ($160 & $140) MASH units feature Peak Level Search at Edit Guide which calculates which tracks will fit best on each side of a cassette. The more expensive unit features a remote control and 10-key access on the unit. Add a couple of dual-well cassette decks to the arsenal. The RS-TR212 and RS-TR313 ($120 & $220) come with a wide variety of features, many reserved for units costing more. The RS-TR313 features Dolby HX Pro. Both units will be available next month.

E-mu Systems announces Procussion. The module features 4 meg of Emulator III percussion sounds. There are 500 sounds in ROM and 500 user-programmable sounds. (408) 438-1921.

Is DAT's life over? PHILLIPS is gearing up to release a new digital recording technology called Digital Compact Cassette or DCC. The heads of the decks will be stationary (as opposed to the rotating format of DAT machines) and will be able to play back analog cassettes since the digital cassettes will be of the same size, tape speed, etc.. All the scoop on the machines isn't out yet and the units aren't expected to be on the market until next year. Don't trash that DAT yet, and stay tuned for more info as it comes our way.

ALESIS has an affordable compressor/limiter with the new 3630. The dual channel unit features noise gates and is priced at only $299. (213) 467-8000.

SYMETRIX has a new compressor/limiter, too. The SX208 is a half-rack unit for only $299. (206) 282-2555.

ITC announces that VIF International of Mountain View, CA will be the sole source for replacement parts for the ITC 850, 750, and 770 lines of reel-to-reel machines. (800) 848-4428.


Craig Cornett leaves his airshift at FM100 in Memphis to take the full-time position as the station's Production Director.

Scott Lindemulder is the new Production Director at The Fox/WXFX in Pratteville, Alabama replacing Bill Allen.

What's the scoop on Bumper Morgan? Well, yes he has left Y107 to focus on Bumper Productions, but he continues to produce spots, promos, and sweepers for the station. In fact, he is still on the station's payroll, retains benefits, and has a key to the station! Sounds like a very sweet deal! Bumper did let go of the title of Production Director for the station. Midday jock Hollywood Hendrix has taken over the position (or at least the title).

Ed Hughes is the new Production Director at KMZU/KAOL in Carrollton, MO. Ed says new control rooms and a new 4-track production room are under construction. Also, he would like to hear some demos for "affordable" CD production music/sound effects libraries. He also would like to hear from anyone using the Tascam M3500 24ST as a production board. (816) 542-0404.

David Witz has become the Director of Creative Services for the newly created Creative Services Department of WYXR-FM/Star 104.5 in Philadelphia. David exits WXTU-FM for the gig. He also is one of our latest additions to the RAP Network. David can be reached at (215) 668-0750.

Tripper Lewis, former Creative Director at KWKH-FM/AM in Shreveport, Louisiana makes a market move to Knoxville to assume the duties of Production Director for Jacor's U-102. We also welcome Tripper to our RAP Network. He can be reached at (615) 693-1020.

Damon Scott is the new Production Director at WTIC/96TIC-FM in Hartford, Connecticut. Damon exits Magic FM in Colorado Springs for the new position.

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