flip-michaels-1991by Flip Michaels

NO JUMPING OR DIVING. This is the sign that I've ripped off my pool ladder and pasted to the third story window of my studio.

Why? STRESS. The disease of the overwhelmed.

The state of the economy has concerned us all. 1991 has been a constant battle with more and more radio stations looking to improve how they serve the client.

The best news many of us will have in 1992 (when that ol' annual review comes around) is that they have a job for you in the foreseeable future. According to a survey by Wyatt Company (a compensation and benefits consulting firm in New York), some ten percent of organizations surveyed have frozen wages this year.

It's time to set aside the traditional views on handling stress. As my stress kept growing, so did my demand to find some new steps to recovery. After extensive research, I found a ladder. It's full of new steps, and I'd like to share them with you.

A mature approach would be to strengthen our self-worth. Instead of depending on the acceptance of others to feel good about ourselves, we should develop such a positive identity that we actually capitalize on negative feedback and tangled webs of communication.

Thrive on anxiety. We have the ability to channel stress into a creative energy.


Eliminate that negative self-image through your commitment to others. This tactic makes your fear of overload work for you by creating an obligation that often FORCES you to follow through.

Spread your wings. Developing new skills makes you nimble. It's a move in the right direction...a greater involvement in the decision making process. We've all experienced change; a good strength of adaptability can help you glide through a rough time.

Master the "sideways move." Stop inching. Tackle the promotion project one day; untangle the communication problem the next.

Contrary to belief, people can change. But, positive change needs a consistent effort. Remember, consistency creates discipline.

SUMMARY: Stress can run you down; burn you out. Mishandling it is dangerous (wear goggles). You are essential to your station. You alone can affect the speed of quality production in the competitive universe. STRESS will slow you down... so slow you'd be in reverse.