LettersTo the Editor:

What a treat to be back with RAP again!

The "Production Panic" lives! (RAP Nov. '91) The current recession has wreaked havoc on our local economy, and our station is no exception. Cut-backs throughout the Programming Depart-ment started...guess where...in Production. No new toys or libraries this year. However, there could be a plus.

Take these "Budget Priced Air Talents." Some of these guys are hungry! Hungry and passionate enough for the business of radio to put up with the long hours at low pay to perfect the craft they love so much. It's all about paying your dues. How bad do you want it? Bad enough?? I'll take a person and give them the time and energy if they WANT to learn and improve any day over one who feels it is so beneath them to deal with such bare bones conditions.

Our little rag tag staff may not have the super pipes, the latest digital toys, or the newest libraries to work with, but management can't cut back our creativity or the drive to get the job done. My cup is still half full!! Better watch these guys in the trenches. They're damn hungry!

Reid Thrush, Production Manager
WXQR-FM, Jacksonville, NC

I have been in radio for some fifteen years and have been from delivery boy to now O.M. at a medium market station in a resort town. I have read every trade there is, and I must say that yours is the most informative, helpful, and straightforward of all. I have even turned major talent in southeast Texas on to your mag, that is, if they already did not know; and believe me, the word is getting around so much that it hurts me to know that so many are reading the privileged info inside some of your issues. I especially enjoy Dennis Daniel's and Glen Miller's articles. With a maga¬zine like this around, people starting out in the biz get so many helpful insights that I have begun to hide my issues and tip sheets you have been sending me. Also, the Test Drive section is so lifelike, I feel as if I am testing the equipment myself. And, being Texas proud, it just makes me feel good that we have such a good publication available to the great U.S. because Lord knows we need as many skilled professionals in radio as we can get. Needless to say, when I started out way back in '72 with my first errand boy job, nothing like this was even remotely available.

Keep up the superb work, and don't mess with Texas!

Steve Lee Thompson, Operations Manager
KGBC-AM/KQQK-FM, Galveston, TX

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