DON ELLIOT CREATIVE SERVICES announces the completion of The Legend library and the availability of two "news" production libraries as well as a jingle package. The Legend library now consists of 21 CD's featuring everything from promo beds and synth sweeps to Christmas music and international cuts. As a bonus, anyone purchasing The Legend will receive a monthly "production critique" on their station's production plus phone conferences at no additional charge. News-ical contains 81 cuts of news opens, closes, bumpers, sports and bulletin material, and more. 90's News is a 21 cut package designed for scoring news features. Both news packages feature a 21 piece orchestra and are available only on DAT or reel-to-reel at this time. The Optima Package is Elliot's contemporary station jingle package designed for CHR and A/C formats. A comprehensive demo of all packages is available. (714) 361-8956.

JOE KELLY CREATIVE SERVICES is in the midst of three new libraries. Rock Attacks will consist of a set of short (7-13 seconds) sweeper/ID beds for rock radio. Production Beds will be just that, beds in :15, :30, and :60 lengths. And keep an eye out for S*FX. We'll keep you posted on the progress of these upcoming libraries. Also, Joe recently added the AKAI DD-1000 4-track digital workstation to his equipment arsenal. (708) 295-8610.

Here's a deal you can't pass up. THE HOLLYWOOD EDGE, in an effort to get their demo into your hands, is willing to GIVE you over eighty sound effects on CD absolutely FREE to use however you want, forever! The first three tracks on the CD are demos for their libraries. The rest of the tracks are very clean, very useable sound effects. (The only drawback is that all the tracks, except the three demo tracks, are recorded in mono, but only less than twenty of the sound effects would really have been a lot better in stereo.) Let's wipe out their inventory of these freebie CD's! They'll even pay for the phone call! (800) 292-3755. In California, call (213) 466-6723. Finally! A demo you can rip stuff off of... LEGALLY!

ShockWave is now available from NETWORK. The 400+ cut, 7 CD library of production elements is filled with sweepers, zaps, stagers, logos, beds, and lots of other fun stuff ideal for promo/ID production. ShockWave is available for a one-time license fee. Also from Network is the latest addition to their ongoing music library: Abyss, Volume 98 - Industrial. (800) 854-2075.

MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC announces the completion of their new sound effects library, The Audiophile Sound Effects Series. The five CD, 495 cut library is available as a buyout. Effects were recorded using DAT recorders. (800) 227-1954. In New York, (212) 333-5766.


BSS AUDIO introduces the FCS-960 1/3 octave, dual channel, graphic equalizer. Each channel of the unit is front panel switchable between wide and narrow constant bandwidth characteristics, and each channel includes a high-pass filter. (914) 635-9000.

AKG announces the availability of the K270-H/C and H/Q headset microphones. The units integrate studio grade mikes with a pair of professional headphones to allow voice talent freedom of movement without drifting off-mike. The HC model uses a condenser mike and the HQ uses a mike element of dynamic design. (415) 351-3500.

DIC Digital announces their new MQ Series DAT tapes available in 15, 30, 48, 62, 92, and 122 minute lengths -- new metal particle tape technology, new shell design. (800) DAT-1-DIC.

dbx demonstrated the 563X Hiss Reducer at the NSCA show in Cincinnati recently. The unit reduces hiss regardless of the signal source. A front panel slider can be adjusted for the hiss characteristics of a particular system. This activates a sliding filter network which evaluates the spectral content of the signal. As "useful" high frequencies occur, the filter opens and the highs pass through. The filter then closes again to the preset point. As a result, EQ can be added after the unit without increasing overall hiss. (415) 351-3500.

ENSONIQ is busy releasing Sound Disks for the SD-1 and VFX-SD. The first releases include VSD-1000, featuring over 1000 sounds. VSD-1001 has 480 sounds. Added to the International Sound Collection is ISD-3, The Australian Collection and ISD-4, The English Collection. Also available are new sound disks for the EPS-16 PLUS workstation. Volumes SL-1 through SL-6 each contain five disks. Sounds include Hi Fi Drum Kits, Electric & Moog Basses, Rock Vocals, Yamaha & Kawai Pianos, Trumpet & Trombone Sections, and more. (215) 647-3930.

BRADLEY BROADCAST SALES has been authorized to sell the popular AKG DSE-7000 RAM based digital 8-track workstation. (800) 732-7665.

ALLEN & HEATH adds Burhans and Burhans of Crystal City, MO to their rep list. The agreement includes the Sigma, Saber, and Spectrum series consoles among other products. (203) 795-3594.


Don Lawler, President of AIRBORNE RADIO in Memphis (RAP Interview Feb. '91) is "looking for a few good voices" to add to their talent bank! Anyone wishing to get their voice into some other markets should send a demo tape to Don at Airborne Radio, White Station Tower, 5050 Poplar Avenue, Suite 818, Memphis, TN 38157. Thanks, Don! Hope we can help!

PMA MARKETING has just mailed out what looks like the second issue of American Radio Flyer. The publication looks like a good place to shop for and sell used equipment. Though most of the free listings are transmitter related, there are some production related items -- carts, TT's, amps, DA's, etc.. Might be worth getting on their mailing list. (414) 482-2638.

Congrats to RAP'ers Rob Frazier/B95, Fresno, CA, and Sascha Rosen/KJUG-AM/FM, Tulare, CA. Both were winners in the Fresno Advertising Federation's Golden Oak Awards held recently! Way to go, troops!

Congrats also to Johnny George, Production Director at WZPL-FM, Indianapolis who adds booth announcer duties at Fox affiliate WXIN TV59 to his daily routine!

Following Power 104's recent switch to 104 KRBE -- "Hits Without The Hype," the new production line-up is Larry Whitt, Creative Director; Donnie Marion, Production Director; and Joel Davis, Copy Writer. Listen for a taste of the trio's work on this month's Cassette!

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