Welcome to another edition of The Cassette. Cuts 3-5 come from Joel Moss at WEBN as they gear up for their seventh annual fireworks show. There are three nice promos for station T-shirts and such on this side, including cut 5 from Joel Moss, cut 13 from Glenn Miller and cut 14 from Walt Marsicano. We wrap up side A with an emotional package from Lori McTighe as WRAL-FM and Raleigh, NC send their troops off to the Middle East.

Side B is loaded with some very creative work. Cut 9 from John Morris/KEAN-FM, Abilene gets the award for the "oldest" spot on The Cassette. (John intros the spot with a little background and mentions there are "two examples to follow." We included only one.) From the small market production arena, we get cut 15 from Mike Johnson in Elkader, IA. Finally, we wrap up with some sweepers a few of you have sent in the past couple of months.


Cut 2 - "Nothing Compares..." from Robin Luse/Q106.5, St. Louis, MO
Cut 3 - "Fireworks teasers" #1 from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 4 - "Fireworks teasers" #2 from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 5 - "Fireworks T-Shirts" from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 6 - "Birthday Party" from Dave Lee/WAMZ-FM, Louisville, KY
Cut 7 - "New Music Weekend" from Larry Williams/X100, San Francisco, CA
Cut 8 - "Rock Register" from Jeff Thomas & Steve Britten/2-Triple-M-FM, Sydney, Australia
Cut 9 - "Secret Song" from Christina Kelley/WPGC-FM, Washington, DC
Cut 10 - "McCartney Monday" from Jimmy Ray Dunn/WNOR-FM, Norfolk, VA
Cut 11 - "Kiss" from Bob Thomas/WVKS-FM, Toledo, OH (promo for call letter change)
Cut 12 - "Connie Chung" from Bumper Morgan/Y107, Nashville, TN
Cut 13 - "KDF Clothes" from Glenn Miller/WKDF-FM, Nashville, TN
Cut 14 - "95YNF Rockwear" from Walt Marsicano/WYNF-FM, St. Petersburg, FL
Cut 15 - "Friday the 13th" from Mike Johnson/FM100, Elkader, IA
Cut 16 - "Mid East Crisis Montage" from Lori McTighe/WRAL-FM, Raleigh, NC


Cut 1 - "Baja Beach Club" from Jeff Berlin/KISS-108, Boston, MA
Cut 2 - "General Electric" from Tony Pepper/B100-FM, San Diego, CA
Cut 3 - "Hammer & Lewis Fashions" from Rob Frazier/B95, Fresno, CA
Cut 4 - "Minerva Cheese" from Dan Popp/WHLO/Colors Audio, Akron, OH
Cut 5 - "Head's Comfort World" from Debbie Parmley/KLLL-FM, Lubbock, TX
Cut 6 - "Bugsy's" from Rick Calvert/KGMG-FM, San Diego, CA
Cut 7 - "Iowa Egg Council" from Craig Rogers/WHO-AM/KLYF-FM, Des Moines, IA
Cut 8 - "Mopak Air Freight" from Don Lawler/Sound Ideas, Memphis, TN
Cut 9 - "The Pawn Shop" from John Q. Morris/KEAN-FM, Abilene, TX
Cut 10 - "HUD Homes" from Ron Carter/KZZP-FM, Phoenix, AZ
Cut 11 - "Percussion Estates" from Ed Brown/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, MO
Cut 12 - "Toledo Comedy Club" from Rob Thomas/WVKS-FM, Toledo, OH
Cut 13 - Sweeper montage for KSLX-FM from Chris Taylor/C.T. Productions, Los Angeles, CA
Cut 14 - Sweeper for WYNF-FM from Walt Marsicano/WYNF-FM, St. Petersburg, FL
Cut 15 - Sweepers for K100 from Sandy Thomas/Sandy Thomas Productions, Miami, FL
Cut 16 - Sweepers for WBRT-FM from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 17 -  Sweepers for X100, San Francisco, CA
Cut 18 - Sweeper for 2-Triple-M from Jeff Thomas/2-Triple-M, Sydney, Australia

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