TOBY ARNOLD & ASSOCIATES of Dallas announces the upcoming release this fall of Attitude, a 5000+ cut, 21 CD library with updates. Cuts from the library will be showcased at the NAB Convention this month in Boston. (214) 661-8201.

BROWN BAG PRODUCTIONS announces the release of their seventh and most extensive library ever. Weapons is packed on one CD and includes 40 beds, 100 logos and 291 sounds for a total of 431 cuts. The Super-Q five-frame cueing system is also featured. (303) 756-9949.

THE PRODUCTION GARDEN announces its appointment as authorized distributor of the Sound Ideas sound effects libraries. Also from the Garden, the upcoming release of three new CD's this fall to ad to their 10 disc set. The new CD's are Power Tracks II, Soft Tracks II, and Stinger Tracks III. (800) 247-5317.

L.A. AIR FORCE is having another sale on their 3 CD Cheap Thrills library as well as their Hollywood Production Library which features 3 CD's of :60 and :30 beds. The price is right at $149 for a buyout of either library, but they CAN'T sell to radio this time. Anyone with a free-lance A/V type studio can take advantage, however. (800) 882-5223.


With new 8 meg expansion boards for the S1000 on the way, AKAI is unloading their 750 KByte expansion boards for the S950 and the 2 meg expansion boards for the S1000 samplers at half price. The cost for each board is $200, and $400 respectively. The offer is for a limited time. (817) 336-5114.

After last month's article on the AKG DSE-7000, Allied Product Specialist and RAP'per Mick McCabe writes to remind us that the unit can be leased for around $900 a month. That definitely sounds better than $50,000 all at once! (317) 962-8596.

LEXICON has a new effects box called the 300. Reverbs, delays, pitch shifting, multiple sampling rates, and optical ins and outs are just some of the features. (617) 891-6790.

Musician types will appreciate PROSONUS for transferring samples from their brass and string CD's to floppy disks for the EPS and AKAI samplers. These disks are the first of more to come as part of the new Prodisk DDD Series from Prosonus. (800) 999-6191.

For you high rollers, NEW ENGLAND DIGITAL now offers the PostPro SD for as low as $130,000. The SD combines up to 16 tracks of Direct-to-Disk recording with a Synclavier sound design module which features 8 outputs, up to 32 voices, and 64 meg of sampling RAM for a sweet combination of disk-based and RAM-based recording all in one unit. (802) 295-5800.  ALESIS is now offering an upgrade for the QuadraVerb called the QuadraVerb Plus. The upgrade gives you a sampler with editing functions plus a tap delay and a few more added effects. (213) 467-8000.


CORRECTION! A big minus one for RAP. Last month we reported that John Willyard had joined Joe Kelly Creative Services. WRONG!!! Quoting Mr. Kelly now: "...he [John Willyard] has not been hired, and he will not be coming to work at Joe Kelly Creative Services."

SHURE BROTHERS has released a videocassette version of their 24-page booklet "Guide To Better Audio." Topics covered include mike selection and technique, mixer operation, wireless mike systems, and audio accessories. The video runs 39 minutes in length. (800) 25-SHURE.

HALLAND BROADCAST SERVICES announces Rock 'n' Roll Graffiti, a 50 CD library of 1,240 rock oldies from 1955 to 1969. Over 90% of the songs have been sourced from CD's, R-DAT, and studio masters. The library is arranged in alphabetical order by artist name which makes it handy for those "instant requests." Smart. (818) 963-6300.

Deadline for the upcoming MOBIUS AWARDS is October 1st, and they've expanded to include print and package design categories as well as categories for radio and TV. Call for entry forms. (708) 834-7773.

Mark Andrews exits WIBW, Topeka for the Production Director's gig at KUDL in Kansas City.

Ken Martin leaves KLSX-FM, Los Angeles for the other coast and the Production Director slot at Q105 in Tampa. This should make for an interesting production war with Brian James and the Pig.

Rick Calvert assumes new duties as Production Director at KGMG, Magic 102 in San Diego replacing Kevin Casey.