LettersLiving in North Carolina, we have a LOT of service families here. We responded to a need in the community by taking phone calls from anyone who wanted to send a message to a loved one overseas, and put them on the air. We taped our station for 24 hours and have sent cassettes over in hopes of reaching the service people. After the 24 hours were up, we wanted to do something to remind the folks that they HAD done something, so I put together the enclosed montage. The phone response has been incredible! The attached letter is a fax we got that gives you an idea.

Lori McTighe/Production Director
WRAL-FM, Raleigh, NC

Here is a portion of the fax WRAL received:

I wanted to call, but it's hard to talk when emotions take charge. I was so moved this morning by the medley of songs that was put together and played as I came to work. It's hard to drive when you can't see for the tears!! ...Thanks to WRAL 101.5 FM. You always know the right things to do and when to do them. You're the BEST!!! We love you!!!

Dear Lori,

Thanks for sharing the montage with us. It is a pleasure to feature it on this month's Cassette. The effort you and WRAL have put forth to do what you can to help our soldiers in Saudi Arabia is a perfect example of the type of community involvement that wins listeners hearts. Not only that, but you can bet the tapes sent overseas will give American soldiers a sense of "home" that must surely be missing.

Keep up the good work. We'll keep our eyes on the television. Maybe we'll spot one of our guys listening to WRAL's tape on the next edition of the Saddam Hussein Show on CNN.

What a magazine! Just when I'm starting to go nuts from the stacks of last minute production, lack of air conditioning in the studio (it was 111 degrees here this week!), and equipment that dates back to Marconi, along comes R.A.P. and BANG! ZOOM! I'm healed for another month! Although hearing about other stations' digital this and MIDI that can be a bit depressing, I never fail to learn something new, gain new respect for my peers, and feel like I actually belong to a "family" of radio production people all over the country. Thanks!

So, in keeping with the spirit of your publication, enclosed is the first of what should be many contributions to The Cassette from B-95. Also, please include me in the R.A.P. Network!

Rob Frazier/Production Director
B-95, Fresno, CA

Dear Rob,

Wow! I hope we can continue to heal you month after month! It's good to hear that you feel welcome to our "family." You're officially a new member of the R.A.P. Network, and we'd like to take this time to encourage anyone who wishes to be added to the Network list to write to us and tell us so. Thanks for the tape. Look for your work on this month's Cassette!

After your August issue with the DSE-7000 (pant, pant) and the interview with Dayle Honda-Stice (talent, brains, good opportunities, good looks and money), I felt like slitting my wrists! Fortunately, as we all know, there are never any sharp razor blades in the production room. Keep cranking out the good mags! Ever think about a Question-and-Answer column?

Dan Popp
WHLO, Akron, OH

Dear Dan,

Ditto on all the parenthetic stuff! Regarding a Question-and-Answer column, we'd like to think that this letter section exists for that purpose as well. So, attention all readers: If you have a question about anything related to production, jot it down and send it in. If we don't know the answer, we'll find it. A Question-and-Answer dialogue is a great way to share knowledge, and we'd love to get some good questions to tackle!

In your July issue, you did a piece on nightclub spot management. I've enclosed a couple of "killer" generic spots we produced (with a bed for a tag) for nightclubs that were sending us scripts for four spots a week!

It took some pleading to get them to go along with ONE spot followed with tag information (which changes daily), but once we produced the Baha Beach Club spot, the Bimini Beach Club also wanted a killer, long term generic spot.

Both spots have been running all summer, and the clients haven't requested new ones yet. Both spots were produced on our humble 4-track using a Roland S-550 sampler, an Eventide H969 Harmonizer, and some imported records we often play. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!

Jeff Berlin/Kiss 108FM
Boston, MA

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for checking in and relating the story. It's really good to know that some of the tips we pass on actually work for other people in other markets! We wanted to be sure and share with everyone else the spots you cut that have kept two clubs out of your hair for an entire summer, so they're on this month's Cassette. Way to go!

I am delighted with your new publication, R.A.P.! The whole package is GREAT!

I have sent you some of our stuff. I included one spot and several promos for you to consider for the R.A.P. Cassette. You will find that our promos are a little different than what you would normally find on a "country" station. We use beds and effects from Brown Bag Productions. Our promos have a little more of a "rock" sound (thanks to the fine work from Mike Lee and the brilliant staff at Brown Bag). Keep up the great work.

Dave Lee/Production Director
WAMZ-FM, Louisville, KY

Dear Dave,

Thanks for the kind words! The "country" is gradually retreating from the production at country/western stations across the nation. Promos produced at these stations appear to be leaning a little more to the contemporary side every year. Thanks for the tape. We have featured some of your work with the Brown Bag beds on this month's Cassette.