Welcome to the November '90 Cassette. Side A offers quite a variety of promos, some you simply have to hear to believe. Cut 13 is a promo that WLAV ran when a crosstown CHR changed formats to AOR. You'll find a fair share of sex on side A. Side B opens with two spots from Tom Sawyer (WHEN/WRHP, Syracuse). The spots won Tom the Syracuse Ad Club's Award of Excellence. Tom is the only radio Production Director to win in the past seven years.


Cut 1 - "Snuckums & Punkin" from Larry Williams/X100, San Francisco
Cut 2 - "Secret Microphone" from Ron Carter/KZZP-FM, Phoenix, AZ
Cut 3 - "Condom Sense Weekend" from Bob Lawson/WVIC-FM, Lansing, MI
Cut 4 - "Beatles Weekend" from Steve Hunt/B105, Brisbane, Qsld., Australia
Cut 5 - "Mount Rushmeat" from Ed Brown/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, MO
Cut 6 - "Janie & Wildman" from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 7 - "Julia Cooks Iraq" from John Richards/WQIK-AM/FM, Jacksonville, FL
Cut 8 - "Who Scans the World" news promo from Craig Rogers/WHO-AM, Des Moines, IA
Cut 9 - "Haunted Hotel" from Stan "Scam" Moskowitz/KKZR-AM, Houston, TX
Cut 10 - "Morning Show" from Chuck Collins/WKDD/WSLR, Akron, OH
Cut 11 - "Billy Idol Concert" from Glenn Miller/WKDF-FM, Nashville, TN
Cut 12 - "Menage a Trois Weekend" from Chris Corley/KLSX-FM, Los Angeles, CA
Cut 13 - "A Quick Comparison" from Stephen LaBenz/WLAV-FM, Grand Rapids, MI
Cut 14 - "Childbirth Without Radio" from Jay Richards/KLLL-FM, Lubbock, TX
Cut 15 - "It's Back" from Barbara Scott-Sherry/KQQL-FM, Minneapolis, MN
Cut 16 - "Patti Haze" from Bill Towery/WCKG-FM, Chicago, IL


Cut 1-2 - "Gene's Canine Waste Removal" from Tom Sawyer/WHEN/WRHP, Syracuse, NY
Cut 3 - "R. Thomas" from Keith Eubanks/Power 99/WAPW-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 4 - "Fast One Hour Foto" from Ron Carter/KZZP-FM, Phoenix, AZ
Cut 5 - "Mexicali Rosa's" from Terry Thompson/CKLC/CFLY, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Cut 6 - "Abilene Army Store" from Rudy Fernandez/KEAN-AM/FM, Abilene, TX
Cut 7 - "T-Birds Club" from Kevin Bryant, Marsha Crenshaw, & Mark Windsor/WFOX-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 8 - "Valley Children's Festival" from Rob Frazier/KBOS-FM, Fresno, CA
Cut 9 - "Thoroughgood Inn Comedy Club" from Greg Williams/WAFX-FM, Norfolk, VA
Cut 10 - "PrintCraft" from Barbara Scott-Sherry/KQQL-FM, Minneapolis, MN
Cut 11 - "Hot Springs Auto Wash" from Bob McIntosh/CRITERION RECORDING, Dallas, TX
Cut 12 - "Bayou Mama" from Larry Whitt/Power 104, Houston, TX
Cut 13 - "Sak's SFO" from Chris Corley/KLSX-FM, Los Angeles, CA
Cut 14 - "Conn's Potato Chips" from Dan Popp/COLORS AUDIO/WHLO, Akron, OH
Cut 15 - "Alfalfa - All My Best" spoof from Ron Livingston/WHOK/WLOH, Lancaster, OH
Cut 16 - "Bushhogs Beer Depot" from Tim Andrews/WDNS-FM, Bowling Green, KY


September 01, 2009 11830
by Steve Cunningham I won these little speakers in a poker game. Right, I knew you wouldn’t believe me but it’s true, and I’ve decided to review ‘em this month. See, ninety-nine percent of the time getting a product for a RAP...