VALENTINO, INC. has released an eight CD sound effects library with over 500 cuts. CD titles include Transportation, Military, Backgrounds, Animals, Household, Environmental, and Machinery. Total buyout is $150. (800) 223-6278.

ASSOCIATED PRODUCTION MUSIC adds new CD's to their library. New CD's with commercial length cuts include Classic Lines, Beautiful Music, Momentum & Motivation, Visions of Country, and Rock N Roll 50's & 60's. (800) 543-4276.

SOUND IDEAS announces the exclusive release of the LucasFilm Sound Effects Library. This co-production between LucasFilm Ltd. and Sound Ideas offers 6 CD's of sound effects, the first in a series of releases from the two companies. (800) 387-3030.

GEFEN SYSTEMS, distributor of several major sound effects libraries and manufacturer of computer software for sound effects and production music library management, has just mailed out their first issue of SFX Information Exchange. The newsletter, published six times a year, will keep you abreast of available sound effects libraries from some fifteen different companies, as well as update you on the many library software programs available from Gefen. Gefen Systems will also show their newest librarian program at the NAB in Atlanta. Call for more info: (800)-545-6900.

t's definitely the season for sound effects! NETWORK announces their newest release for their sound effects library. CD number 48 is titled "Water." New to their music library is Volume 83 titled "Streetwise." (800) 854-2075.

THE HOLLYWOOD EDGE announces the release of two new sound effects libraries. The Premier Edition is an all encompassing twenty CD set of sound effects. Citi Trax is a ten CD set consisting of various "city life" atmospheres covering every-thing from traffic and restaurants to malls and museums. (213) 466-6723.

PROMUSIC, INC. adds more CD's to their collection of music. New titles include Textures, Cosmopolitan, Olympia, Street People, Industrial Activity 2, Technovision 2, and more. (800) 322-7879.

KILLER MUSIC is now offering Killer Tracks, a full service library of thirty CD's containing over 1900 cuts. Categories of music include Blues, Country, Hi-Tech, Urban, New Age/Ambience, Sports, Power/Industrial, Specialty and many more. Available on CD or DAT for one, two, or three year leases. A computer based cataloguing system is available. (800) 877-0078.


JBL will be showing some new products at the NAB Convention in Atlanta. Look for the new SR Series Power Amplifiers and their new Control 1 Plus speaker systems as well as the Control Series SB-1 and SB-5 Sub Woofer systems. (818) 893-8411.

BEYERDYNAMIC introduces the new Beyer HM-560 head-worn dynamic ribbon microphone. The mike offers an adjustable "boom" and performance ideal for situations where background noise is normally a problem -- remote broadcasts from concerts, fares, etc. (516) 935-8000.

Transfer your jingles, sweepers, ID's, or anything else to CD! FRANKFORD/WAYNE MASTERING LABS in New York will load a CD with up to sixty minutes of audio either from any analog source or R-DAT. The process uses a write-once optical disk, developed by the Fuji Film Company in conjunction with Yamaha, that is compatible with most consumer and professional CD players. (212) 582-5473.

TECHNICS has been busy turning out some new CD players, a new cassette deck, and a revolutionary new car stereo. The CQ-ID90 car stereo unit stores frequencies and format information for over 4,500 AM and 4,900 FM stations across the country so listeners can select stations by format when traveling. The user simply tells the unit what city they're in, touches a button indicating the direction they are traveling, then pushes another button to select the type of music they want to hear. Push "Rock" and the unit will search for stations in the area with that format. As you travel away from that station and its signal strength decreases, the unit will lock in to the stations in the next city with the same format and the strongest signals. A display shows call letters, city and state of origin, and station format. What happens when stations change formats? Update chips will be available. The $800 unit also includes a cassette player and will be available in May. The new CD players are the SL-P170 and SL-P370. Both feature the new MASH D/A conversion technology. The new cassette deck is the RS-TR165 dual cassette deck with Dolby B & C, plus some sophisticated dubbing features.


DIGIDESIGN's Sound Tools Systems are going on tour in March. These Macintosh-based two-track direct to disk recording and editing systems are powerful and inexpensive. In-depth clinics on the system are being held in 19 states across the country. Find out the exact date and location of the nearest seminar by calling (800) 333-2137.

ENSONIQ announces its spring seminars entitled: "Making Music In The 90's." These seminars will focus on how to get the most out of Ensoniq's synthesizers and samplers. While aimed at musicians, there's surely something to learn that can be applied to production. The seminars will begin in early April. Call for information on the seminar nearest you. (800) 942-0094.

Subscriber station KATT-FM in Oklahoma City has added the recently reviewed Tascam CD-701 and RC-701 CD players and remote control units to their inventory.

Subscriber Tom Pluister of 106-KHQ in Charlevoix, MI says the Tascam CD-701 and RC-7 CD player and remote have been added to their production studio, too. Also added to KHQ's arsenal is a new Phase Trak 90 cart machine and FirstCom's Maximum Impact production library.

Congrats to Jim Parker, the new Production Manager at WDJX in Louisville, KY. Jim was formerly the Asst. Production Manager and PM Drive jock at the station. He retains his airshift with the new position.

After an absence of three years, Joe Kelly is back in action, writing, producing and directing television marketing campaigns for radio. So far this year, Joe has done new campaigns for WMMS, Cleveland; WXTB, Tampa Bay; and a video sales presentation for KYYS, Kansas City. ♦


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