This month, as we did last year, we feature the winners and runners-up of the 2nd Annual Firsty Award competition. All of side A consists of the majority of the spots and promos, and the last four cuts are on the front of side B.

Immediately following the Firsty spots and promos on side B is a montage of work from this month's interviewee, Mitch Craig. The montage consists of sweepers/ID's, promos, and excerpts from some of the presentations Mitch produced for his production libraries. So listen, not only for Mitch's voice and production work on sweepers and promos, but for samples from his libraries and how Mitch presents his libraries on his demos. Mitch tells us that some of the promos were produced by M.J. Kelli at Pirate Radio and Dave Fox of Z100.

Following Mitch on side B, we have another freebie parody from the team of Laszlo & Gary. Gary Kleinman reports great response to "Ooooh! Don't Touch That!" from across the country, and offers the cut to RAP subscribers for use on your airwaves. For more info on Laszlo & Gary or for a better copy of the song, call (818) 888-0652.

Finally, David Roberts of WVOR-FM in Rochester pulls out something from the archives that we thought was good for a chuckle.

Side A: Firsty Winners & Runners-Up


Cut 1 - WINNER: "Pennies" from Mike DePriest/WFYR-FM, Chicago, IL
Cut 2 - 1st Rnr: "Jet to Janet" from Rick Allen/WQHT-FM, New York, NY
Cut 3 - 2nd Rnr: "Take Control..." from Tony Lee/KQRS-AM/FM, Minneapolis, MN


Cut 4 - WINNER: "Buresh's Lobster House" from Mike DePriest/WFYR-FM, Chicago, IL
Cut 5 - 1st Rnr: "Car Tunes" from Dennis Daniel/WBAB-FM, Babylon, NY
Cut 6 - 2nd Rnr: "Colorado Auto Dealers" from Mark Coulter/KAZY-FM, Denver, CO


Cut 7 - WINNER: "Without Radio" from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 8 - 1st Rnr: "Free Money Cash Call" from Lori McTighe/WRAL-FM, Raleigh, NC
Cut 9 - 2nd Rnr: "KDF Half Price Fair" from Glenn Miller/WKDF-FM, Nashville, TN


Cut 10 - WINNER: "American Taxi" from Scott Yates/KRMG & KWEN, Tulsa, OK
Cut 11 - 1st Rnr: "The Laff Stop" from Frank Scales/KHFI-FM, Austin, TX
Cut 12 - 2nd Rnr: "Cat's Eye Pest Control" from Pete Borini/WPYX-FM, Latham, NY


Cut 13 - WINNER: "89 Tornado" from Larry James/WDRM-FM, Huntsville, AL
Cut 14 - 1st Rnr: "Jukebox Giveaway" from Larry James/WDRM-FM, Huntsville, AL

Side B: Firsty's (cont.) & More!

Cut 1 - 2nd Rnr: "60 Minute Marathon" from Dan Mussman/WOUR-FM, Utica, NY


Cut 2 - WINNER: "Phases" from Bill Bradee/KRNT & KRNQ, Des Moines, IA
Cut 3 - 1st Rnr: "Mohrs Tire Farm" from Mike Fincham/WRVC-FM, Huntington, WV
Cut 4 - 2nd Rnr: "Green's Sewing & Vacuum" from Jim Cool/KTMT-FM, Medford, OR
Cut 5 - Montage of work from Mitch Craig of Mitch Craig Productions, Memphis, TN
Cut 6 - "Ooooh! Don't Touch That!" parody from Laszlo & Gary, Burbank, CA
Cut 7 - "Campbell's Soup Phone Call" from David Roberts/WVOR-FM, Rochester, NY

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