SP PRODUCTIONS has released the Turbo Techsonics version of the original Techsonics library featuring B.A.S.E. processing and 40 additional cuts. Discount upgrades available to current clients. Also new from SP Productions is Chainsaw, a one CD library of "power parts" and "jock beds." See ads on page 14 & 15. (804) 547-4000.

PHILADELPHIA MUSIC WORKS is clearing the shelves for an upcoming library of music beds yet to be announced. Coming off the shelves is The Cutting Edge, 2 CD's of beds and SFX originally priced at $1495, cut to $195. See ad on page 8. (215) 825-5656.

In an unusual move to gain more exposure, CLEAN SHEETS has dropped the exclusivity option on their brand new Clean Cuts promo bed library and drastically cut the price. It's worth a listen. See ad on page 17. (313) 544-0405

Sweeper/promo bed libraries are starting to come out of the wood-work! Subscriber Jim Raposa of the JIM RAPOSA COMPANY announces the upcoming release of their first single CD library of promo/sweeper beds. You'll get the scoop when we get it! (401) 846-2825.

Ricochet, NETWORK's new industrial release is now available. (800) 854-2075. 


GOTHAM AUDIO names Manny's Pro Audio as first distributor of the SPL-SX2 Psychoacoustic Processor. The SX2 operates as a type of sophisticated equalizer and sound processor incorporating psychoacoustic principles to custom tailor sound. (212) 819-0576.

SHURE announces the VP88 Stereo Microphone. This condenser mic incorporates two mic elements: One cardioid polar pattern facing forward and the other is perpendicular to the first and employs a bidirectional pattern. Designed for video field production, this mic sounds perfect for stereo recording of indoor and outdoor events with large crowds and/or music. (708) 866-2573.  BREEZE introduces The Synthesizer Collection for the Emulator III, 24 banks of synthesizer samples and SFX on floppy or cartridge. (206) 885-9663.


Kevin Casey leaves the airwaves to do production full-time at KGMG-FM, San Diego. Assistant Tom Versen exits to do off Broadway play!

Matt Shafer Powell leaves WLAV-AM/FM to join Amway's world headquarters as their Audio Production Specialist. There is life after radio! Steve LaBenz assumes Production Director's duties at WLAV.

Walt Marsicano adds H3000B to studio at WYNF-FM, St. Petersburg, FL. He's looking for other H3000 users to chat with. (813) 576-6090.

Dayle Honda-Stice is leaving KZST-FM, Santa Rosa for a partnership at a local ad agency. There's a prime gig open for the right person. See classified next page.

Rich Van Slyke exits WKSE-FM, Buffalo for the Production Director's job at WCMF-FM, Rochester. ♦

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