Greetings ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of The Cassette. Side A begins with a collection of K9-FM production from this month's interviewee, Program Director Gary Moore. Cut 2 is a parody of the hit, "She Drives Me Crazy." Our thanks to Gary Kleinman of Laszlo & Gary for this fun piece of production entitled, "My Boss Is Lazy." Feel free to cart it up right off The Cassette and use in on the air if you'd like; or, if you want a better copy, call (818) 888-0652. Gary suggested a perfect time to air it: National Secretaries' Week, April 22nd through 25th. The rest of side A is filled with promos from subscribers as far south as Australia and as far north as Alaska!

Side B takes a little twist from the norm. It opens with the three club spots Dennis Daniel refers to in this month's Tales Of The Tape column -- it's nice to be able to "hear" what his article is about! In that same vein, we give you an "audio" review of the DR-X, this month's Test Drive equipment. Cut 4 comes from Glenn Miller (WKDF, Nashville). This spot netted Glenn a $300 cash prize which was offered to the local station that produced the best spot announcing WZTV's new affiliation with the Fox Television Network. Six stations participated in the competition. Take a bow, Glenn... and take the money! Cut 5, from Chuck Collins (WKDD, Akron), is for the Innerbelt Nightclub, a gay club that wanted to try doing a "heterosexual night" -- Now there's a tough one to write!

Also on side B, Jeff Berlin (Kiss 108, Boston) gives us a look at radio in 1999. Jeff tells us about the piece:

A few weeks ago, Hill Holiday in Boston asked us to create a fictitious sample of how KISS 108 might sound in 1999. It was for a presentation to their creative department. After doing a little research, we decided the future of radio holds fewer commercials, shorter commercials (:10's being the norm like it is on TV now), and the incorporation of commercials into program matter -- due to the advent of "interactive radio," where the listeners may program what they want to hear. They can select the sportscast they want to hear, then the music, financial information...whatever. The listener will probably choose not to program commercials, so in order to generate revenue, all the programs will be sponsored, and the actual commercial information incorporated into the program itself.

Side A:

Cut 1 - K9-FM production from Gary Moore & staff/KNNN-FM, Redding, CA
Cut 2 - "My Boss Is Lazy" from Gary Kleinman/Laszlo & Gary, Burbank, CA
Cut 3 - "Janet Jackson" from Ron Carter/KZZP-FM, Phoenix, AZ
Cut 4 - "Mike & the Mad Dog" promo #1 from Joey DiFazio/WFAN-AM, New York, NY
Cut 5 - "Mike & the Mad Dog" promo #2 from Joey DiFazio/WFAN-AM, New York, NY
Cut 6 - "First Call" from Rick Tarrant/Communion Communications, Memphis, TN
Cut 7 - "Skyshow 6" from Mark Murphy/SA*FM, Unley, South Australia
Cut 8 - "1st Summer of the 90's" from Paul Brokensha/SA*FM, Unley, South Australia
Cut 9 - "Young Guns Premier" from Larry Wayne/KGOT-FM, Anchorage, AK
Cut 10 - "Listen @ Work" from Craig Allen/KZ100, Jonesboro, AR

Side B:

Cuts 1-3 - Three Club spots from Dennis Daniel/WBAB-FM, Babylon, NY (Narrated)
Cut 4 - "WZTV" from Glenn Miller/WKDF-FM, Nashville, TN
Cut 5 - "Innerbelt Nightclub" from Chuck Collins/WKDD-FM, Akron, OH
Cut 6 - "Classic Mobile Communications" from Joel Cash/Y96, New Orleans, LA
Cut 7 - "Kiss 108 in 1999" from Jeff Berlin/WXKS-FM, Boston, MA
Cut 8 - "Derrier" spoof from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 9 - Test Drive of ART's DR-X multi-effects processor

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