OMNIMUSIC announces the release of OMNI FX Series One, a 12 CD sound effects library. You get the usual SFX plus a collection of specially produced "Environment" montages consisting of "pre-combined" effects. Computer based cataloguing system included. (800) 828-6664.

There's a good price on a sound effects library called Crazies Comedy Sound Effects from O'CONNOR CREATIVE SERVICES. $59 for the LP set and $99 for the CD set. (800) 544-6044.


Chalk up another NAB convention. If you missed it, here are some of the new toys that you can expect to hear more about: ‡ From FIDELIPAC, the new CTR90 Series cart record/playback machines. ‡ A couple of new consoles from SOUNDCRAFT: The 8000 Production Console and the 200 Delta Console. ‡ The Expressor compressor/limiter from APHEX SYSTEMS. ‡ New DAT machine from PANASONIC/TECHNICS: The SV-DA10. ‡ GOTHAM AUDIO showed their new Spot 90, the industry's first CD recorder. ‡ ITC displayed their new Series 1 cart machines. ‡ From OTARI, the new MX5050-B-III 2-track recorders. ‡ AKAI unleashed their new DD-1000 digital recorder/editor. This baby records directly to optical disk. Also at the AKAI booth was the keyboard version of the S1000 stereo sampler we recently reviewed. ‡ AKG was there with their DSE-7000 digital workstation. ‡ Also on display in the digital recorder/edi-tor/workstation category were LEXICON's Opus/e and the Post Pro SD from NEW ENGLAND DIGITAL. NED's new system features 16-track recording with one hour of digital track time. ‡ ALPHA AUDIO was also on hand with their hard disk digital recording system which also features 16-track recording and one hour of track time. ‡ Oops! Let's not forget about STUDER's Dyaxis system, a major contender in the affordable hard disk recording arena. ‡ 360 SYSTEMS brought their digital cart machine to Atlanta, EVENTIDE presented their new H3000SE Ultra-Harmonizer with its 6 new algorithms, and DOLBY LABS exhibited their new MT Series SR systems which accommodate up to 24 tracks with Dolby SR. ‡ 1990 marks the beginning of a decade that is sure to march digital workstations into many production rooms. If your station is considering a new production room, the time is at hand for seriously considering the move to the digital domain. Look at what's out there with open eyes and open minds and don't invest in analog gear simply because you know how to use it.

ENSONIQ has introduced a new synth/sequencer for those unable to spring for their VFX-SD: The SQ-1 Personal Music Studio keyboard. The SQ-1 is a scaled down version of the VFX-SD. Instead of a 24-track sequencer, you have 16 tracks. Sequencer memory is considerably less than that of the VFX-SD, but an expansion kit is available. Three waves can be assigned to a single sound instead of six (as on the VFX line). Most of the unit remains the same as the VFX-SD at a price around a grand less than that of the VFX-SD. $1595. Ensoniq has also introduced two new sound cartridges for the VFX and VFX-SD. They are the IPC-1 (the German Collection) and IPC-2 (the Japanese Collection). (215) 647-3930.  

KORG has a new synth, the Wavestation. It's a 16-bit, 32 voice machine with over 500 multisampled waveforms plus programmable stereo effects. $2,499. (516) 333-9100.

SENNHEISER introduces two new headphones: The HD-450 Studio headphones, a souped up version of the popular HD-450's; and the HD-25 Professional Dynamic Head-phone. (203) 434-9190.


The radio comedy team of LASZLO & GARY, famous for their parodies of current hits, have two more for the airwaves: "My Boss Is Lazy," a spoof of the hit "She Drives Me Crazy;" and "You Don't Know Much -- You're Really Stupid," a parody of the hit "Don't Know Much." We've heard them, they're great, and "My Boss Is Lazy" is on this month's Cassette. Rip it off The Cassette for your station or call for a better copy. (818) 888-0652.

SANDY THOMAS and his growing sweeper/ID business exit WXDJ in Miami. Sandy assumes the title of Studio Director across the street at Love-94/WLVE-FM. Filling the gap at WXDJ, now The Breeze, is new subscriber Doug Turkel.

Inserted in this issue is the scoop on this year's Firsty Awards presented by FIRSTCOM. The RAP Family cleaned up last year, let's see if we can do it again! We also hope to present the winning spots and promos on The Cassette as soon as they are announced.

GALAXY AIR PREPARATION SERVICE announces the 1990 Galaxy Production Competition for spots and promos. Six $100 cash prizes are up for grabs. No entry fee. Write for forms: 1097 D-Bar-K Drive, Durango, CO 81301, or call (303) 247-5082 for more info.

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