Month after month, the quality of work going on around the country never ceases to amaze us. Randy Reeves, subject of this month's interview, starts things off on side A with a creative introduction followed by a sampling of his work. On the promo side, we also feature 3 from Reid Mullins at KATT in Oklahoma City. These are a good example of using established campaigns to your advantage. We wrap up on side B with a salute to the anniversary of the moon landing with a nice piece of work from Brian James at X100 in San Francisco.


1) Composite from Randy Reeves: "Voice At Large".
2) "Yes/No" from Ken Martin/WAVA, Washington, DC
3) "Woodstock" from Mick McCabe/KLSX, Los Angeles, CA
4) "Magic At Work" from Dave Simmons/Magic 102.9, Dallas, TX
5) "The Who" from Chris Blade/WAFX-The Fox, Norfolk, VA
6) "Pump You Up" from Lori McTighe/WRAL, Raleigh, NC
7) "Sticker Police" from Bumper Morgan/Y107, Nashville, TN
8) "98 Days of Summer" from Rich Van Slyke/Kiss-98, Buffalo, NY
9-11) "Anti-Top 40 PSA's" from Reid O. Mullins/KATT, Oklahoma City, OK
12) "Nude Generation" from Ed Brown/KSHE, St. Louis, MO
13) "Lifestyles of Rich & Rockin'" from Joel Moss/WEBN, Cincinnati, OH
14) "Birthday Cake" from Steve Schneider/WTHT FM-103, Portland, ME
15) "Listener Reaction" from David Sands (J.R.Nelson-Voice)/KUUL Cool-FM, Davenport, IA


1) "Wes' Rib House" from Don Gosselin/WHJY-WHJJ, East Providence, RI
2) "WZZP/RAB Spot" from Gail Shetler/WZZP Zip-104, South Bend, IN
3) "Juice Newton" from Glenn Miller/WKDF, Nashville, TN
4) "Taco Time" from Dayle Honda-Stice/KZST FM100, Santa Rosa, CA
5) "Charter Hospital" from Paul J. Kinney/KOAI The Oasis, Dallas, TX
6) "PC Graphics" from Sandy Collins/WSN Star-107, Dayton, OH
7) "Maestro Muffins" from Mark Davis & Tony Verduzco/KKIQ, Livermore, CA
8) "Airtech Window Tinting" from Roy Scivally/KZPS, Dallas, TX
9) "City" from Jeff Berlin/KISS-108, Boston, MA
10) "Tall Timber Ranch" from Jim Little/KKMJ, Austin, TX
11) "Willer St. Dist." from William Richardson/WLPA-WNCE, Lancaster, PA
12) "Carters Food" from Tom Pluister & Tim Moore/WKHQ, Charlevoix, MI
13) "Jim's Super Value" from Bill Summers/KRNA, Iowa City, IA
14) "Moon Landing" from Brian James/X-100, San Francisco, CA

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