I love Radio And Production! I thank my GM every month when the tipsheet and Cassette get here, then we both pour over the pages and listen to The Cassette. Being only 19 and in a small market (212th), I relish the articles about new equipment and the interviews with some of my heroes. Both the tipsheet and The Cassette give me great ideas on how I want WWJM to sound and how to manage the production staff here.

I've been blessed with a lot of good people around me, especially the GM/PD. He got me a multi-track facility without my even asking for it... Again, I love the publication. It's GREAT. I'm glad to see that other people love the ART of radio production as much as I do...

Darren J. Helriggle, Prod. Director
WWJM-FM, New Lexington, Ohio

Dear Darren...Thanks!