Equipment News

ENSONIQ keeps churning them out. Enter the new VFX-SD "Music Production Synthesizer" which was released last month. Just when we thought the previous VFX synth was incredible, the VFX-SD attaches a 24-track sequencer to the old VFX, adds a disk drive, and stores even more sounds in memory. This is just the surface of this machine. It's worth a look at if you want a lot of synth for a little money. List price is $2595. (215) 647-3930, ext. 249.

BREAKAWAY MUSIC SYSTEMS announces the availability of the Vocalizer 1000. This is a small voice-controlled synthesizer that will probably find its way under many Christmas trees this year. At a list price of only $350, this small "toy" apparently does a lot. Weighing in at 3 pounds and the size of a notebook, it offers a 5-track sequencer, 28 musical instrument sounds, and other assorted "goodies." There is no keyboard on this synth. Music is made by "humming" into a hand held mike which captures the pitch of your voice and plays the appropriate notes. Bottom line? -- If you can hum it, you can play it. This might be handy in the production room. Check your local music store or call (415) 341-8300.

The Mix

COPYFAX, INC. is a new copywriting service now available. You fax them the copy facts, and they fax you the finished copy. The service is market exclusive and is purchased with an annual contract. (803) 736-8668.

Paul Ciarrochi moves up to Production Director at WAIT-AM/FM in Chicago and takes the helm in their new 4-track production studio. Former Prod. Dir. Greg Newton assumes the Program Director's position.

Bill Scott leaves WCIE-FM to take the Production Manager's position at WJIS-FM in Sarasota, FL.

Lawrence Homuth crosses the street in Fargo, ND from WDAY-AM/FM to KFGO-FM.

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