Our sincere thanks to all who made it possible to bring you The Cassette for a second month in a row. Keep the tapes coming and we'll go for three in a row.

Larry Williams at KWSS in San Jose came up with a great idea. He suggested we use The Cassette to feature promotions from around the country; a "promo-check", as he called it. The promo-check would consist of a series of announcements used in the promotion, from the teaser promo to the last promo. Of course, we jumped at the idea and Larry was the obvious choice to kick it off (especially since he enclosed a great example of a "promo-check").

Hopefully, those of you that spend a great deal of time on your promos keep them on a master somewhere for future reference. If you remember a particularly good promotion your station did, and you have the promos that went with it, consider compiling a collection of them and sending it in. Larry's promo-check is an excellent example of the format you should follow. The introduction Larry gave on the tape is recommended, but not necessary. If you decide to send in a promo-check, try to keep it between 5 and 8 minutes in length. We will solicit these "promo-checks" regularly and try to do one with each Cassette.

We think you'll agree that this month's Cassette is better than the last one. Your response was better, too. We received nearly twice as many tapes this month. The Cassette, for the time being, will remain on 30 minute cassettes. This should assure that we have one each month. If you submitted a tape that didn't make it on this month's cassette, look for it on next month's and submit your next tape at that time.