I read your article on TAPE STORAGE in the January issue of Radio And Production and have a suggestion on how to avoid the surprise of TAILS OUT tapes.

In the good old days of radio (my Dad tells me), good Production Engineers always used RED masking tape on the reel to denote HEADS OUT and BLUE masking tape to denote TAILS OUT. Their easy-to-remember riddle was: RED-HEAD, BLUE-TAIL fly.

Over the years, this practice has been forgotten by most production people. If we'd take just an extra few seconds to label our reels properly, we'd save the folks on the receiving end precious time!

Mike Wagner
Program Director
KRLA-AM, Los Angeles

Dear Mike,
An excellent suggestion! We might have to start something called the Radio And Production "Code" and make this the first rule in the book. We'll let everyone know about this little rule and see if we can't revive a good old tip from the good old days.

Oh, what an ego boost!--An opportunity to seek peer approval. Here I am leaping at that chance...

Enclosed is a reel containing recent promos along with a sample spot and a few 'positioning statements' voiced by Mr. John "Balls" Wells of "Big D".

'EBN is a gas; so many different things to do...Our 12th annual Labor Day fireworks show is coming up with a 1/2 hour soundtrack to accompany the mighty pyrotechnics. This will be my 6th show, and it gets more exciting every year.

Radio And Production is certainly a helpful publication, especially the 'test drive' columns. The cassette's great; always fun to hear what people are doing around the country.

By the way, if I had one bit of advice to aspiring and/or current production types and how they relate to sales types, it would be: keep them intimidated...

Joel Moss
Prodo Guy 
WEBN, Cincinnati

Dear Joel,
Thanks for the tape and the tip. Intimidation is indeed a very effective tool for dealing with sales types. Unfortunately, it's a tool (or an art) that is most effective early in a relationship; it's difficult to turn on in mid-stream. Use it from the start!

First of all, let me say that I have enjoyed your publication to this point. I particularly look forward to the "Tips & Techniques" section. I also found the article on "Spec Spots" in the January issue helpful. I copied it and gave each of our salespeople a copy.

I like the idea of a cassette each month and look forward to it. I like to hear what other people do. It could also be a good way to hear what some of the different equipment you review from time to time is capable of doing. 

I have enclosed a tape to contribute to the cassette. We all enjoy the publication and look forward to future issues and the cassette.

Ed Bostic
Production Director
WHLO-AM, Akron, OH

Dear Ed,

Thanks for the tape and the support. Your idea about demonstrating on The Cassette what our Test Drive equipment can do is a great one. We will definitely consider featuring equipment in future Cassettes. That's probably the best way of all to relate their capabilities.

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