by Jerry Vigil

The vote is in, and the winners of the first "FIRSTY" award from FirstCom have been announced! "It's not a Cleo, but it looks better", says Jim Long of FirstCom.
The "Firsty" made its debut this year when FirstCom decided it was time to have an award just for radio production people. The categories are Promos, Single Commercials, and Campaigns for Small, Medium, and Large markets.

We at Radio And Production are proud to say that 9 of the 21 awards won, were won by our subscribers. These 9 winning spots and promos were each featured on one of our monthly Cassettes. Jim Long, also a subscriber and receiver of each Cassette, heard the work and contacted several of you, asking for permission to enter your work into the competition. As a result, many of you, who thought you were merely helping to support The Cassette with your monthly tapes, are now proud owners of awards you didn't even set out to win!
Here's a list of winning R.A.P. Members and the category won:

Brian James, X100, San Francisco - First Place Large Market Promo.
Bumper Morgan, WYHY-FM, Nashville - First Place Medium Market Promo.
Glenn Miller, WKDF-FM, Nashville - Second Place Medium Market Promo.
Jim Wright/Joel Bolton, WIZN-FM, Burlington - Third Place Small Market Promo.
Larry Whitt, KRBE-FM, Houston - Third Place Large Market Commercial.
Matt Powell, WLAV-FM, Grand Rapids - Second Place Medium Market Commercial.
Jeff Richards, KQMJ-FM, Tulsa - Third Place Medium Market Commercial.
Ron Arlen, WXKC-FM, Erie, PA - First Place Small Market Commercial.
Dennis Daniel, WBAB-FM, Babylon, NY - First Place Large Market Campaign.

We hope we didn't miss anyone here. If we did, let us know. The list came to us right before press time, and we rushed to get this information in the July issue. Next month, we will list all the winners and hope to feature all winning spots and promos on the August Cassette (if necessary permission is granted). In the meantime, CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS! Keep up the "award winning" work, and keep those tapes coming for the Radio And Production Cassette!