You've seen them on the back of some of your equipment -- the MIDI IN, OUT, and THRU jacks. You basically know what they're for, but you've left them alone in the back of that dark rack while they patiently wait for a MIDI cable, a synthesizer, or a generous General Manager to unleash their power.

MIDI gear in production is much like the 4-track or the 8-track; eventually, you're going to advance to it. Radio And Production is going to help you get there with a little less fear of the unknown.

In this issue we introduce "The MIDI Page", wherein we'll start you with the basics and take you to the most advanced uses of MIDI in radio production.

We are excited to have as our writer of the page, Todd Albertson, President and super producer at Clean Sheets, Inc. Todd comes to us with an impressive set of credentials which include the designing and building of his fully automated composite digital and analog recording studio in Royal Oak, Michigan. He has also served as a consultant and instructor of MIDI applications in radio production.

Turn to page 8 and join us as we welcome Todd to the R.A.P. family and begin our digital journey into MIDI-land.


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