Dear R.A.P.,

I just received your initial issue of Radio And Production and, as far as I'm concerned, it's just in time! The job of Production Director is starting to move away from being another responsibility of the midday jock. Who knows, some day it may actually be another legitimate department at the radio station.

I look forward to the information that will be shared and the chance to hear from others around the country. I've often wondered if others, like myself, try to cram 27 hours of work into a 24 hour day and, if so, how the hell do you do it?!!

Count KSHE as a subscriber and supporter of R.A.P.!! You're not ahead of your time but let's hope the industry isn't BEHIND!!

Ed Brown
Production Manager/Creative Director
KSHE-95 St. Louis, MO

Dear Ed,

Thanks for the support! We plan to offer many ways to try and cram 27 hours of work into 24. It can be done!


To Whom It May Concern:

I am responding to your introductory issue of Radio & Production. An awesome service!! As a former jock and now presently Production Director of KXXX-FM - X100 in San Francisco, it is my honest feeling that a production service to this effect is long overdue. I believe what ignited my excitement was the fact that while reading your introductory issue I learned more than 5 things. Your Tips & Techniques section is a valuable tool that any production person could learn from.

Gary Moore
Production Director
KXXX-FM San Francisco, CA

Dear Gary,

You get the idea. As we receive tips from other subscribers to add to our own, the "Tips and Techniques" section will grow fast. It will easily be the most valuable section of all. Welcome to the family!


Dear R.A.P.,

Put my name on the list as a charter member of this sorely needed piece of industry biz!
Best of luck to you. Any plans for centerfolds?

Tommy Tucker
Production Director

Dear Tommy,

We considered taking a "sexy" looking piece of equipment, "stripped" of its case, and making a full color pin-up poster each month, but we didn't want people to subscribe just for the pictures. We know "sex" sells, but we're going to maintain our "G" rating for now. Thanks for the support and welcome aboard!