KrotosStudioQuickFX 400pxKrotos Ltd, a leading developer of advanced sound design software for the broadcast and film industry, unveils a groundbreaking update to its highly regarded product, Krotos Studio, at NAMM 2024: Quick FX. Quick FX allows users to intuitively position sounds within a scene, quickly and efficiently. By adding powerful AI-based browsing features and offering significant educational discounts for students, Krotos' latest update makes professional sound design more accessible and intuitive than ever.

Krotos, which has pioneered sound design software development, has embraced AI as part of its innovative product vision. Krotos' mission is to empower sound designers with efficient, high-quality solutions through an ever-increasing range of sample libraries, an intuitive interface, and the distinctive ability to easily customize sound effects. Unlike traditional sound libraries where customization is often limited or requires significant skill, Krotos Studio offers user-friendly tools for tailoring sound effects to fit any project's specific needs. The latest version of Krotos Studio boasts over 200 presets, allows 'on-the-fly' recording and foley performance, and easy integration with the most popular DAWs and audio editing software. With new sample libraries and features being added every month, Krotos is continually enhancing the user experience.

Spotlight on Quick FX

Quick FX allows users to place any sound effect in a real space, adjust its distance, or apply a 'muffle' effect with a few intuitive controls. The module includes three modes – Reverb Only, Distance, and Filter Only – each offering a new possible dimension to how a sound effect is rendered. Quick FX integrates seamlessly with Krotos Studio, so users can apply these effects to any of the 200+ existing presets. This functionality is particularly beneficial for editors seeking to create realistic audio environments, while not requiring extensive expertise in sound manipulation or access to expensive third-party effects software. Quick FX elevates Krotos Studio, transforming it into a versatile and powerful tool not only for traditional sound designers and audio professionals but also for content creators and video editors seeking to add depth and realism to their audio projects.

Leveraging the power of AI

In addition to Quick FX, Krotos Studio has significantly enhanced its AI-driven capabilities, which now include AI-powered sound effect presets and an all-new search engine functionality. The AI-powered presets showcase an X-Y pad interface with a cluster of colored pins, representing each sound segment by timbre and intensity. This allows users to create sound effects through intuitive interaction, while shaping the sound in real time to suit the project. The new AI-powered search engine - which employs machine learning - significantly improves search efficiency, which is a productivity drain on other sound design platforms. Krotos Studio returns a broader range of results without the need to draw on specific preset names, making the search process more productive and user-friendly. The integration of advanced AI features in both preset management and search functionality not only streamlines the sound design process, but also fosters a more creative and exploratory workflow - ultimately benefitting the user.

Krotos Studio operates as a standalone desktop application and is also compatible with VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats in all major DAWs as well as DaVinci Resolve. The subscription is priced at $119.88 billed annually or $14.99 billed monthly. Additionally, users can get started for free by signing up on the Krotos website. To learn more about Krotos Studio and to get started for free, please visit Krotos website.

About Krotos

Founded with the vision of demystifying sound design, Krotos develops software that empowers artists to create immersive audio experiences. Our products are used by leading studios and creators worldwide, pushing the boundaries of audio innovation.

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