Avid MBOX Studio 400pxAt the AES Show 2022 in New York City, Avid announced the return of its MBOX® desktop audio interface with a brand-new offering, the MBOX Studio powered by Pro Tools software. MBOX Studio completes the picture for musicians and other audio creators in their home studios who want to record, edit and mix vocals, musical instruments and other sources for songs, podcasts, streams and other audio with exceptional sonic clarity.

Long sought after for its ability to bring power, simplicity, and pristine quality to the production process, the original MBOX was one of the most popular audio interfaces Avid ever made. Now reimagined for a new generation of creators, the new MBOX Studio is a fully-featured USB interface solution that operates on both Mac and Windows operating systems running not only the bundled Pro Tools Studio subscription, but also any third-party digital audio workstations. Users can easily connect mics, instruments, studio monitors, Bluetooth® devices, and other analog, digital and MIDI gear with 21 inputs and 22 outputs—more than any other desktop interface. For optimal sound quality, MBOX Studio relies on the same mic pre-amps found in Avid’s S6L and Pro Tools Carbon system.

MBOX Studio users immediately tap into a wealth of exciting new tools to support their creative process and expand their production repertoire. Free with the purchase of MBOX Studio are one-year subscriptions for Pro Tools Studio and Avid Sibelius Artist music notation software, in addition to the bundled MBOX Ignition Pack bringing Brainworx Megadual, Ampeg SVT-VR Classic and many other plugins and tools. Throughout the year, the Avid Inner Circle program also brings additional free product drops with thousands of dollars-worth of plugins, beats, loops and virtual instruments.

“We’re thrilled to bring MBOX back to the music creation community, who are a very big influence upon Avid’s continuous surge of hardware and software innovation,” said Francois Quereuil, Vice President, Product Management for Audio and Music Solutions, Avid. “Our re-creation of MBOX is uncompromising. It’s overflowing with an amazing array of software tools and takes advantage of the same high-performance components found in Avid’s professional-grade audio solutions, guaranteeing best-in-class sound quality and production for anyone, from entry-level performers to the most accomplished artists.”

Unlock a new dimension in guitar sound

MBOX Studio lets users go further than ever before to find their perfect guitar sounds. With variable Z impedance switching on instrument inputs, users can change guitar tones while recording to complement the effects chain. They can also play through the renowned Guitar Amp plug-in Eleven® MK II and numerous stompbox effects, in addition to incorporating personal outboard guitar effects pedals, reamplifying tracks, and staying pitch-perfect with the built-in tuner.

Elevate audio creativity in podcasts and social videos

MBOX Studio also streamlines and accelerates workflows for podcasting, live streaming, social video, and sound design for picture. For example, users can assign buttons to their favorite functions to inject sound effects and bring in other sources and content such as intro music and voice overs—enabling users to quickly produce more polished and professional content.

MBOX Studio pricing and availability

MBOX Studio is available for pre-order today through Avid resellers starting at $899 USD. For more information, visit www.avid.com/products/mbox-studio.

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