Mackie announced the addition of a new line of mobile production microphones to their acclaimed EM Series. Designed with the demanding needs of today’s on-the-go content creators, the new EM Mobile mics are the perfect companion for capturing crisp, clear sound via Smartphones and DSLRs.

Mackie EM 93M 400pxThe new EM-93M is an ultra-compact directional microphone that delivers powerful audio performance on the go. Built for portability and performance, the EM-93M delivers the clear, well-defined sound that gives your content that professional edge, while perching discreetly on your DSLR camera or smartphone. Fully plug-and-play, it comes with multiple connecting cables, as well as the mounting hardware needed to get your run-and-gun rig up and running fast. With a shockmount to eliminate the bumps and thuds and a furry windscreen to keep the breezes at bay, the EM-93M is the upgrade you didn’t know your mobile system needed.

The EM-93MK is a complete mobile vlogger essentials kit. It starts with the EM-93M microphone, with both furry and foam windscreens, along with a versatile gimbal tripod with extension pole. We’re raising the bar on your video too, with a super-bright, variable temperature LED video light with diffuser, and three different cold shoe mounts for easy setup with DSLR or other devices. It’s the ultimate rig for going from portable to desktop and back again in a breeze.

The EM-98MS is a high-performance shotgun mic that captures broadcast quality audio with maximum focus and directivity. Hear only the sounds you want, while rejecting off-axis background noise that can ruin a great video. Tailor your sound with the high-pass filters and variable gain control and monitor your audio via the built-in headphone output. It’s packed with features like overdrive protection mode and auto on-off, and it’s powered via its own rechargeable Lithium-ion battery – no finicky power supplies or drain on your device’s battery. The EM-98MS includes everything you need right out of the gate, including two different windscreens, professional shockmount, cables, and a premium carrying case.

If your productions include a more up-close and personal touch, check out the EM-95ML, a premium lavalier microphone with its own integrated in-line amplifier that’s perfect for both smartphones and DSLR cameras. The EM-95ML is a professional quality omnidirectional condenser mic that delivers crisp, detailed sound and warmth for the ultimate in sonic clarity, to bring out the best in your interviews.

The full EM Series of content creator mics is available at or your favorite pro audio dealer.

The new EM Series Mobile Microphones include the EM-93M, EM-93MK, EM-95ML, and EM-98MS and are available worldwide. Sold individually, the US MAP pricing is $59.99 for the EM-93M, $139.99 for EM-93MK, $69.99 for EM-95ML, and $139.99 for EM-98MS.

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