Pro Tools Intro 400pxWith its debut of Pro Tools Intro, Avid® now offers an unparalleled creative experience open for aspiring creatives who are eager to explore their desire to make music and audio in any genre. Available as a fast and easy download, this updated free version introduces the powerful Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation to new creators to start turning their ideas into songs, beats and loops, while bringing them into one of the music industry’s most important creative communities of award-winning artists and professionals that make up the Pro Tools ecosystem.

Pro Tools Intro is built on the unsurpassed DNA of the Pro Tools code base, which ensures that everything a user learns and produces can go forward with them whenever they decide to move up to the more powerful Pro Tools subscription tiers. Pro Tools Intro delivers a knockout creative palette with all the essentials for easily making professional-quality music and sounds, including MIDI tools and dozens of core effect and instrument plugins. The creative experience surrounds first-timers with a wealth of instructional videos, webinars, online community forums, and other friendly resources for getting up-and-running fast and then expanding their creative repertoire.

“Avid is bringing a brand-new free offering to the next generation of music and audio creators that’s loaded with creative firepower. Pro Tools Intro was designed to introduce the power of the platform to new creatives, helping them tell their stories through music and audio, sharing new podcasts, songs, loops, and beats with their audience,” said David Toomey, Avid’s SVP & General Manager, Audio & Music. “Far more than just a standalone free app, Pro Tools Intro is fully rooted in the universal language that’s been shaping popular music and media production for decades. For users who want to keep growing creatively, Pro Tools Intro is their gateway into the global community of professionals working in recorded and live music, TV, and film production.”

Hundreds of thousands of music creators got their start with the original free version of Pro Tools, from enthusiastic amateurs to pros who get paid for their audio production mastery in the studio and in front of audiences everywhere. All of them, and now Pro Tools Intro users too, can easily participate in the global community of all people who prefer Avid tools through the one-of-a-kind Avid Link app to share their content and ideas, connect with other users, engage in collaborations, and keep up with news, events and products—all within the Pro Tools user experience. Then, when Pro Tools Intro users want to expand their audience and be paid, they can tap into the AvidPlay subscription service to distribute their tracks to all popular streaming services and start building their fan base.

Experience the exhilarating artistic power at users’ fingertips with the newest member of the Pro Tools family in this side-by-side comparison—then set out on your journey to explore music-making without the slightest compromise. Click here to read an introductory blog post by music producer, remixer, and Avid product management director Greg “Stryke” Chin.

Avid Powers Greater Creators

People who create media for a living become greater creators with Avid’s award-winning technology solutions to make, manage and monetize today’s most celebrated video and audio content—from iconic movies and binge-worthy TV series, to network news and sports, to recorded music and the live stage. What began more than 30 years ago with our invention of nonlinear digital video editing has led to individual artists, creative teams and organizations everywhere subscribing to our powerful tools and collaborating securely in the cloud. We continue to re-imagine the many ways editors, musicians, producers, journalists, and other content creators will bring their stories to life. Discover the possibilities at and join the conversation on social media with the multitude of brilliant creative people who choose Avid for a lifetime of success.


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