Sound Particles AIR Music Edition 400pxSound Particles is releasing a new free plugin: Air | Music Edition, the perfect plugin to simulate the distance and depth of musical elements quickly and realistically in any mix.

'Air | Music Edition' is a free plugin with a modernized and light take on the original Air plugin, with a UI and features that are tailored to anyone working in the music industry – from the beginner to the pro.

Nuno Fonseca, founder and CEO of Sound Particles says: “We wanted to thank our fans for their support with the free version of Air for the music production industry. With a new design and just one button, now it’s easier to achieve natural performance results in the studio.”

Key features:

  • Brand new look - with this new version of the plugin, get an updated and spectacular new design and UI.
  • Distance Attenuation - control the amount of additional attenuation you would get with different distances by controlling the variation of the audio gain.
  • Natural results - Air is much more accurate than a simple low-pass filter, using scientifically measured frequency response values of air dampening.
  • Frequency response - With Air | Music Edition, you can see the actual frequency response that is being applied to the music.
  • World Units - do you prefer “meters” or “feet”? Full integration with Imperial and Metric units, for an easy and more welcoming workflow for everyone.

Air | Music Edition is free starting November 9th at

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