Waves ClarityVx 400pxWaves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, is now shipping the new standard in noise removal for vocals: Clarity Vx and Clarity Vx Pro, two revolutionary noise reduction plugins for vocal and voice recordings, powered by Waves’ groundbreaking AI audio technology, Waves Neural Networks®. 

The Clarity plugins are the highest-quality and the fastest way to remove noise from vocal recordings. The plugin isolate vocals from ambience and background noise, removing the noise instantly, in real time, and at the highest fidelity, without any artifacts. This way you can quickly clean any vocal or voice recording quickly, and get it ready for your music mix, production, podcast or video. 

Clarity Vx and Clarity Vx Pro share the same Neural Networks audio engine, the same superior audio fidelity, and the same instant real-time workflow. Clarity Vx is the simpler of the two, made for music producers, mixers and musicians, as well as podcast and video creators; whereas Clarity Vx Pro is the more advanced version, adding surgical features designed primarily for post-production engineers.  

Got perfect vocal takes or voice recordings ruined by hiss, hum or even super-harsh noises? Waves’ Clarity Vx will save the recording and remove the noise at the absolute highest fidelity, in no time. Impeccably clean vocals – no artifacts, no damage to the performance – AND results in seconds.  

Before Clarity Vx, cleaning noisy vocal recordings at the highest fidelity required serious engineering know-how, as well as the luxury of time. The solutions were not optimized for musicians on a budget, home producers on a schedule, or content creators who are not fully professional engineers. 

All of that has changed with Clarity Vx. Whatever noise you’re dealing with – from light AC or computer fan noise, to heavy traffic outside your bedroom studio window, or anything in between – you are covered with Clarity Vx. Simply turn the single knob clockwise, and hear the noise go away with the voice quality fully preserved. 

Clarity Vx includes two “catch-all” Neural Networks that address any problematic scenario:

  • Broad 1 is better at preserving both the main and secondary voices, when more than one voice is present in the recording.
  • Broad 2 is recommended for severe noises. It is also better at separating the main voice from secondary background voices, when more than one voice is present in the recording.

With Clarity Vx, you will never again have to give up on that perfect vocal take just because it had some annoying background noise. You can keep the original performance, and get rid of the noise perfectly – in literally seconds. 

The more advanced plugin, Clarity Vx Pro, has the exact same real-time workflow and Neural Network audio engine as Clarity Vx. For post-production engineers, Clarity Vx Pro is a game-changing time saver: for the first time ever, they can achieve top-quality noise removal in real time, within their DAW, without having to bounce, render or consolidate tracks. 

Clarity Vx Pro also adds many advanced features for surgical noise removal, including Ambience Keeping to remove the voice and keep just the background ambience (for ADR tasks); four separate bands surgical multiband controls; Reflections control; and more. While the main control takes care of most of the heavy lifting thanks to the Neural Networks engine, the deeper controls allow post-production engineers to further finesse voice repair tasks. 

With their Neural Network engine and real-time workflow – Clarity Vx and Clarity Vx Pro finally combine top-of-the-line vocal noise removal with instant real-time results. 

Clarity Vx features:

  • Extremely high-fidelity noise reduction for vocals
  • Lightning-fast results – clean vocals with one knob
  • Powered by groundbreaking Waves Neural Networks® technology
  • Simple to use with no learning curve
  • Save hours every session with real-time workflow and automation
  • Perfect solution for musicians, producers, mix engineers and content creators
  • Mono/Stereo width control

Clarity Vx is included in Waves Mercury bundle. 

Clarity Vx Pro Features:

  • Industry-leading noise reduction for voice at exceptional quality
  • Real-time workflow with full automation
  • Lightning-fast results – performs all noise reduction tasks in a single pass
  • Powered by Waves Neural Networks technology
  • Saves hours of time and tedious work
  • Edit and mix dialogue in context, inside the DAW, with other video and audio tracks playing
  • Ambience Keeping feature – can lower or remove the voice from noise
  • Advanced controls including four separate bands with process amount, solo, delta, bypass, pure gain adjustment and VCA control
  • Reflections control that smoothly brings back the natural reflections
  • Neural Network ambience gate to lower the level of the voice in between replicas
  • Mono/Stereo width control
  • Includes the smaller plugin Clarity Vx

Clarity Vx Videos:

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