Tim Burt 400pxTraditional broadcasting schools and universities usually focus on the technical side of producing commercials, and don’t focus enough on copywriting, voicing spots, and avoiding copyrighted material in ads.

“The number one job of a Production Director is to sell. That may sound ridiculous, but it’s time to end this toxic relationship between Production and Sales teams.” said Tim Burt, Founder of Production Director Academy.

Creating ROI for advertisers faster

The 1-Hour Production Director Challenge is a free training that will focus on three key areas: learning how to write a better script quickly; understanding the right way to voice any script; and identifying potential legal issues with ads (using copyrighted music, trademarks, etc.). Free registration is available at www.ProductionDirectorAcademy.com.

About Tim Burt

A 25-year radio veteran (16 of those with CBS Radio in St. Louis, MO), Tim Burt has more than 30,000 ads to his name, which have sold over $500 million in products and services globally. Tim’s agency “Tim Burt Media” creates and voices ads, jingles, and musical pieces for businesses around the world. He is an internationally recognized speaker, and award-winning author of three books.

Created in 2021 as an offshoot of Marketing With Tim and Tim Burt Media, Production Director Academy offers formal training to those responsible for creating ads on any platform.


  • The R.A.P. Cassette - June 1996

    Commercial demo from interview subject, Dick Orkin; plus commercials, promos and more from Geoff Bowser @ SAFM Adelaide, Jay Greener @ WCFL Chicago, Tuna Jon...